Disgraced ‘Sex-Addict’ Hillsong Pastor Launches New Ministry

No, silly, not THAT disgraced Hillsong Pastor – another one. Ex-Hillsong Pastor Pat Mesiti, who taught at Hillsong in Austalia for over 20 years, co-founded Hillsong Music and Hillsong College, and describes himself as an “influential father figure” to Darlene Zschech, Christine Caine, and Carl Lentz, has joined a long pedigree of biblically illiterate preachers who restored themselves back to ministry after being kicked out of the church.

In Mesiti’s case, not content to the usual boring “extra-marital affair,” he was given the left dropkick of fellowship after being an admitted sex-addict who was picking up hookers at an unprecedented rate – that’s when he wasn’t pleading guilty to beating up his wife, whom he later divorced.

Naturally, this makes him a prime candidate for getting back on that ministry horse. With spurs in tow, Mesiti launched Reborn Ministries with his new wife, Catherine, and it’s about as bad as one could expect. According to their Mission Statement:

Our vision and mission is to share God’s greatest messages.

Reborn is about helping apply God’s wisdom to their every day life so anyone can attract everything they want in life, effortlessly.

Reborn is to give an opportunity for people to receive a fresh encounter with God so people can put all the broken pieces of their life back together.

Sounds like something a wrinklier and more decrepit Brian Houston would say.

On the ministry “about page” Mesiti describes himself as:

One of the world’s most celebrated speakers. He is a highly effective communicator. His passion is to EQUIP and EMPOWER individuals to reach their fullest potential. His expertise is to SHIFT MINDSETS AND TO BUILD BIGGER PEOPLE to produce results. Pat has spoken globally to some of the largest events, and his books and materials have sold over 2 million copies.” [Editorial side note: One of those he wrote was called Staying Together Without Falling Apart. He describes it as ‘the definitive guide to helping men and women “thrive together in a modern-day relationship.”‘]

As far as what this ministry actually does, Mesiti travels the world teaching people about prosperity and “how to attract it.” One of the endorsements on the site says that he has “dedicated his life to unlocking the potential inside of people, and opening up their minds to a more rewarding, fulfilling, and prosperous future.”

From the looks of things, if the success of his Youtube Channel is any indication, where he has a little over 200 subscribers and his videos average between 10 and 30 views each, if he doesn’t change his ways and repent of his heresy, the only thing he is likely to have success at is going to hell.


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