Suspect Identified in Horrific Baptist Church Stabbing that Left 2 Dead and 3 Injured

A suspect has been been identified in the Brutal stabbing deaths and maiming at Grace Baptist Church in San Jose on November 22.

Fernando Jesus Lopez, 32, who was on parole at the time of the incident, was staying in the Church basement on the night he went haywire and stabbed five people in a bloody melee, including church volunteers.

The gay-affirming and inclusive church runs a winter program in the basement and gymnasium of their building that is designed for the “forgotten and vulnerable.” Guests are able to stay overnight and receive a hot meal, breakfast, a boxed lunch, and even a shower. 

Shaunn Cartwright, a homeless-outreach worker who is also involved in the church’s shelter community, described Lopez as “friendly and helpful,” and said, “that’s why it makes it even more shocking.”

Lopez was featured in a KTVU news segment about the cold snap facing the homeless population just a few weeks ago, where he said on camera, “it’s warm, cozy. They provide everything, such as showers, hygiene, food, a warm bed, a warm blanket, and it’s a blessing to be able to have this spot.”

Though accounts are still vague, by all indications Lopez had a dispute with another person staying at the shelter and stabbed him and other volunteers who sought to intervene. The three who were injured are in serious but stable condition.

Lopez has a long and storied criminal history, marked with multiple arrests for domestic violence, drug use, and assault with a deadly weapon.

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  1. Guess he decided to upgrade to a longer-term, state sanctioned, taxpayer funded “shelter,” which along with room, board and hygiene, also provides free health, dental and mental care.

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