Video: Antifa Openly Harrases and Assaults Families at Weekend Pro-Trump Rallies

In news that has been blacked out from mainstream media sources and is not being covered, (unlike last year, when the media cried bloody murder for two weeks straight when a teenager in a red hat smiled at a counter-protester who came up to him) the psychopathic rabble known as Antifa, who have been emboldened in the likely defeat of President Trump, took to the streets over the weekend to counter-protest pro-Trump rallies, cracking skulls, setting off explosives, throwing garbage and attacking and harassing families with children.

Warning: Language.

The impending presidency of Joe Biden will not satiate those who have developed the taste for blood through months of violence and from their perspective “Nazi-hunting.”

Christians: prepare yourselves.

2 thoughts on “Video: Antifa Openly Harrases and Assaults Families at Weekend Pro-Trump Rallies

  1. Unfortunately, in many areas police are either unwilling or unable to protect individuals from the godless, violent thugs that populate ANTIFA and BLM. While the word ‘militia’ evokes negative images for many, normal Americans are being forced to create forces like the Proud Boys to protect conservative individuals and families who wish to exercise their First Amendment right.

  2. These handsomely paid, devil possessed, children of Babylon will do what their master tells them, for they are the children of the wicked one. The “synagogue of satan” is tightening the noose because you silly goy “anti semites” have given them power over you, by accepting their trojan horses of “multiculturism,” “political correctness,” ” feminism,” “civil libertarianism,” etc etc, forced down your throat by corrupt politicians and their Beast media system. Wake up for their war has just begun…………..

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