Trump Hater Dave Miller Is Not A Nice Person

Dave Miller cannot stop his liberal self from surfacing.  He may say he is a conservative but his unfounded venomous rhetoric against President Trump and the Christians who support Trump speaks volumes otherwise.  He has posted yet another article at SBC Voices scoffing at those Christians who are complaining about the election results and their “conspiracy theories” of voter fraud.

Miller pontificates from on high about the lowly pros and plebes who are voicing “conspiracy theories” of voter fraud in the 2020 election cycle.  He mentions the Democrats complaining about voting results in the 2018 election cycle and Republicans telling them to accept the results.  Point of fact, the Democrats complained about the 2016 presidential results for four years, and Hilary still is.  I have a conspiracy theory for you, Mr. Miller: Hilary didn’t sue in 2016 because the Democrats did something wrong and didn’t want it to come out in court.  Instead, they did their best to impede Trump’s policies and impeach him on suspicion of colluding with Russia (a conspiracy theory).

I did a search and found one story about voter fraud in 2018 (I searched through five pages of results) and the only case I saw was a complaint of voter fraud against Democrats in Tampa Bay, FL.  All of the other results of my search were sworn affidavits of witnesses to voter fraud in multiple states, videos of ballot counters “correcting” ballots, and one of a Democrat official in Houston formally complaining about voter fraud in Harris County, TX, by his own party.  And not just 2020, ongoing.  Those are not conspiracy theories, those are facts, facts in evidence, by witnesses who were willing to come forward. Miller only believes conspiracy theories if they are about President Trump, or writers of discernment blogs.

And then Independent Dave Miller says this:

 Christians have come to the point where an accusation, if made against the other side, is assumed as fact whether the facts support it or not.

Would this include the unfounded accusations, in your last article, about President Trump being “ungodly, borderline racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic?”  An article in which you go out of your way to insult Trump and his followers within Christendom? I have not read any such vitriolic bile when talking about the character of that advocate for murdering babies, LGBT alphabet soup group of pillow-biting sodomites, angry hairy dikes and sexually confused perverted crossdressers, Fascist Democrat candidate wandering-hands hair-sniffing Joe Biden. You call him President-elect, which means you hold him in higher regard than President Trump.

I do want to pose one question: where is the denouncing of Ron Burns’ daily genuflecting at the statue of the Golden Donkey bracketed by images of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? 

Dave Miller is not an independent.  He is jumping over the fence and into the sheep pen to ravage the flock. The SBC Titanic is headed for an iceberg and the leadership is steering right for it.  The fog of relevance with the world clouds their vision and I pray more Godly SBC churches leave before they go down into the cold depths of spiritual mediocrity.


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3 thoughts on “Trump Hater Dave Miller Is Not A Nice Person

  1. I had a few online run-ins with DM at SBC Voices a few years ago and was struck by how easy it was for him to bear false witness against me. I saw a pattern of out and out dishonesty with the way he treated me and others, and with respect to obvious, objective, observable facts. Moreover, he proved and continue to prove his intellectual cowardice with his pattern of censorship.

  2. I just got back from reading part of DM’s obnoxious attempt to gaslight discerning Christians on the election. I can never make it to the end of his articles because his poor attempts at argumentation drain my patience fairly quickly.

    I’m not really a fan of people like him and others presuming to have some sort of moral authority over other Christians, nor do I much like him trying to dress up his opinions as Biblical, Christian, and Gospel-y. Spare me the “if you love God you’ll do what I say” attempts at manipulation. Every time I see one of these “How Christians Should Respond” articles, it’s always by a liberal.

    And some of the comments after the article are also pretty awful. When you see someone hold up Hillary Clinton’s actions as a model to be followed while you’re at a supposedly Christian blog, you know you’re in The Twilight Zone.

    I can’t think of a word that means the opposite of discernment, but whatever it is, it describes SBC Voices. What a foul place.

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