Bethel Church’s Sean Feucht Has #1 Album in the World

Worship leader Sean Feucht, a Bethel Church School of Supernatural Ministry graduate who has been tearing up the cultural scene with a series of worship concerts all across America in the midst of the pandemic, drawing frequently tens of thousands of people to his outdoors concerts and making headlines in major newspapers and media, can now add another accomplishment to his year, as his album “Let us Worship, Washington DC” hit #1 in the global charts.

The non-labeled album features 12 tracks, a mix of originals and classics (such as “Did you feel the Mountains Tremble”). It was recorded live at a “Let us Worship” event in Washington, DC, and for a brief time hit #1 in the global iTunes charts, surpassing superstars like Carrie Underwood, Luke Combs, Kylie Minogue, Ariana Grande, and Sam Smith.

The worship leader spent the better part of the last two days tweeting out various music charts and praising the Lord for his blessings.

Quickly, it seems, the charismatic Bethelite is fast on its way to becoming one of the most well known Christian musicians in the world.

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1 thought on “Bethel Church’s Sean Feucht Has #1 Album in the World

  1. The term, “Christian” in relation to the Bethel Cult of wannabe wizards, warlocks and witches, is too far of a stretch. “Masked Pretend-Christian Sorcerers” is much more accurate. Whatever kind of “Jesus” they follow, it’s not the One from the Holy Bible. Laughable that their Hogwarts Halls of Heresy (aka BSSM) had to be shuttered due to a measly little virus (oh, ye of little faith!). Thank God for 2020, exposing the wolves, frauds and charlatans on an almost daily basis! The fact that Babylonian charismania and the NAR are thriving in the world “system” is proof that they are OF the world, and not of the One True Living God.

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