Dave Miller and His SBC Election Post-Mortem

Dave Miller over at SBC Voices has done an election post-mortem on the state of the SBC.  Miller wrote an article about murmurings he has been hearing from young members about their concerns.  They are asking, “Why should I stay in the SBC?” The questions he poses are about the covering up of sex scandals, racial reconciliation today for slave owners almost 200 years ago, SBC is going liberal, among others.  All of which he attributes as contributing factors to the declining membership of the SBC, but he misses the real reason.

Al Mohler is considered one of the leaders (if not the primary) of the “Conservative Resurgence” but the veil has been pulled off. Al Mohler is responsible for the hiring of Russel Moore of the ERLC, Russell Moore of the Clinton Administration, of the Democratic Party.  Al Mohler is responsible for firing professors who spoke out against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and replacing them with professors who promoted CRT. Al Mohler is responsible for the Liberal Insurgence.

Miller addresses a list of racial reparations (the typical Woke list of woes), Cooperative Program, the International Missions Board (IMB), what he calls unsubstantiated accusations about SBC leadership, and other topics; there are dozens of posts on Protestia and Pulpit and Pen archives that address this.

The point I want to address is about President Trump. Miller states that the SBC is tethered to the GOP, that many in the SBC deified President Trump (according to my own summary view) and support Trump because they love the sense of perceived power with him in office, and in which he states, for the record:

For clarification – I did not vote for Joe Biden, or for Hillary. I cannot vote for “the party of death.” I am now an independent. My sympathies and convictions are closer to the GOP on issues but I will not vote for ungodly, borderline racist, misogynistic, xenophobic candidates because they are GOP.

Where is the evidence for these accusations, of mysogyny, “borderline” racism and xenophobia?? This can be considered slanderous because there is no evidence of Trump espousing any of these traits.  Most Evangelicals have acknowledged his moral shortcomings and didn’t vote for him in 2016, including the author. But we are not sitting a church meeting voting on a new pastor.  We are voting for a president of a secular government of a secular nation. The GOP platform is more aligned with the beliefs, both in fiscal policy and personal convictions, of Evangelicals which is why they vote for GOP candidates. All Evangelicals would love a president who was a God-fearing, doctrinally orthodox president. We have had many candidates on both sides who have claimed to be and were not.

Is the SBC going liberal? Perhaps not individual members or as a general whole, but the leadership of the SBC is certainly leaning that way, and that is where it matters.  It is the leadership that is the rudder of the aircraft carrier SS SBC Titanic.  Where are the ERLC, IMB, NAMB and other SBC commissions and boards spending their money? Open the books and be transparent, because a some of what is going on is probably as corrupt as the shenanigans surrounding Casino Jack Abramoff. The people tithing the money have the right to know how it is being used.

About the sex scandals, there should not be a cover-up, ever, if the evidence supports the accusation.  And it is the “evil” discernment ministry sites that break the news.

The problem, which Miller does touch upon in his “Why I stay” section, is that the SBC has forgotten Great Commission. The real reason is that SBC has stopped preaching and believing in the power of the gospel.  And when I say SBC I mean the leadership.  They spend a lot of time adding to the Gospel by saying “This is a gospel issue!”

The SBC needs to go back to verse-by-verse expository preaching, and this begins with the SBC President JD Greear.  Stop trying to be relevant and seek acceptance from the world, because when that happens the church ceases to be relevant and it is the world that influences the church. We are witnessing that in the leadership of the SBC.

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