Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Engaged in 5-Month Long Affair with Muslim NYC Designer

A 34-year-old New York City-based designer named Ranin Karim is claiming that she had a 5 month- long affair with disgraced pastor Carl Lentz, culminating in their breakup only last week, and has the text messages and video messages to prove it.

Ranin Karim, from her Instagram

Karim, who is the owner of Wahidon NYC and who also starred in the 2009 Oscar-nominated film “Ajami, said she met Carl some 5 months ago. He claimed to be an unmarried sports agent and the two hit it off, according to the Sun, who has verified the text messages and video messages. She said he did not wear a wedding ring, and so had no reason to suppose he was lying. Karim decided to come forward after being offended that his followers and church leadership were making it seem just like he had a brief fling or a one-night stand, insisting it was far more than that.

“I wasn’t there for just sex, we both found comfort and a deep, special connection with each other. I am very hurt because we both feel the same way about each other. 

He loves me and I love him. It was a love relationship that wasn’t planned. It wasn’t just a fling or just a sexual relationship.”

She said that the two of them met in May at the Domino Park in Brooklyn, where he approached her and hit on her. She said she did not know he was a famous celebrity pastor at the time.

I have no knowledge of the Christian world, I’m Muslim.

He told me the most beautiful women come from the Middle East and we kept talking from there. We walked and talked more for a little bit and exchanged numbers. 

He told me his name was Carl but that’s it, he wouldn’t tell me his last name. And he told me that his job was as a sports agent.

Though eventually she called him out, and he confessed to being married, the two kept on their adulterous, sexual affair, with Carl giving her gifts and personal keepsakes, such as his necklace.

He said he had absolutely never strayed outside of his marriage before and was feeling guilty.  (Editor’s note: We have reason to believe this is not true.)

But he told me that when he met me, God told him to tell me that I need to know my worth and there’s something special about me…whatever, whatever.

He would tell me I was a dream to him. He told me on the first day we met that I was everything he ever wanted in a woman…

He said he had never had a deep, sexual connection like what we had. 

And he had never loved anyone outside of his marriage until me. He told me it was crazy that he lived these two lives, and he still doesn’t know how he was able to do that.

Lest one think that Carl confessed on his own, he did not.

Karim states that a week before the announcement on Wednesday, Carl’s wife, Laura, saw all of their messages which were connected to a work computer, including sexting pictures which the couple had sent each other. There were other staff members near the computer when Laura saw it for the first time, and they all were witnesses as well.

After the implosion, Lentz allegedly came over to “say goodbye in person” and the couple was intimate again. Lentz told Karim he will always love her and was sorry for the pain he has caused her, but had to go back to his wife.

After having his whole sinful world blow up and the relationship come to an end, she says she told Lentz:

 “I told him that he’s living a lie and he will always be a liar. I told him he’s a selfish human being and a narcissist.”

We couldn’t agree more. Given the nature of liars and adulterers, expect more women to come forward.


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13 thoughts on “Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Engaged in 5-Month Long Affair with Muslim NYC Designer

  1. What a complete fraud. I’m sure it was just missionary adultery, so he could convert her to Christ /sarcasm.

    Yep, there will be more.

    Will the congregation start using better discernment about their leaders? Doubtful.

  2. Well… according to the “ false-teachers “ school of spiritual scandals, he should be restored in about 2-3 months! Yep… new fellowship, new look, newly established… I can’t wait! Repentance means reorganization to these wolves

  3. Carl Lentz wrote a book in 2017 called ‘Own The Moment’. The cover has him looking vacant, arm muscles bulging, veins popping out like he is prepping to shoot up heroin. He has always looked and acted like a fool, so it’s hardly surprising he has The Moral Fibre of Bieber.

  4. Really sad. This ruins a marriage, destroys a family and worst of all brings shame to the Church. Unbelievers don’t know that Hillsong is not a sound church, they just see the words “pastor” and “church” and it just makes them laugh and revel in this debauchery. While no one is perfect (I certainly am not), a pastor is warned many times in Scripture that he must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, etc. Not many should be become teachers because they will be held to a higher standard. These wishy-washy churches do nothing but water down the true body of Christ.

  5. Well, what does one expect when a so-called celebrity preacher hangs out with another so-called born-again pop singer in night clubs and bars. Just like God exposed David for his adultery with another married woman, and indirectly caused the death of her husband; He will do what He told Nathan the prophet……..’because thou didst this secretly, I will do this thing before all Israel, and before the sun” [2 Samuel 12]. In other words God exposed David’s sin before the whole of Israel. And so it is today that these so-called celebrity pastors believe themselves too special to be caught and exposed. But the God who exposed King David, is still the same God who exposes these servants today. We have seen over and over how God exposes the secret sins of these men and women who call themselves “anointed of God”. God does not take it lightly when men who call themselves pastors, prophets, evangelists and apostles and preach to others about their wickedness, unrighteousness but yet live in sin secretly. God will expose them.

  6. This is so very sad. Many will scorn Jesus because of this foolish man. Praying for all of the victims of his duplicity: his followers, his family and those who will close the door on Christianity because of his terrible treatment of women & his totally diabolical behavior. A perfect example of why celebrity & pastor do not mix.

  7. Let those who have never sinned keep casting stones. Put your heads down and reflect on your own diabolical behaviors. Say a prayer that God’s Grace brings mercy and hope to his wife and children.

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