Payback: Tweets of Trump Supporters Being Archived for Future Revenge

(Montana Daily Gazette) A liberal organization has admitted to archiving all of your pro-Trump tweets on Twitter for future payback. If it sounds like Orwell’s 1984, well…it’s just 2020.

The infamous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist Representative from New York, suggested on Twitter that people keep track of tweets from “Trump Sycophants” in case they want to delete their opinions later. An organization calling itself the “Trump Accountability Project” reached out to say they were doing exactly that.

The organization, which sure enough is real, is dedicated to doxing Trump supporters, volunteers, and employees for longterm political payback. Their ethos seems to be, “Remember What They Did.”

Notice that Michael Simon, who is verified on Twitter with a blue checkmark, says that they are archiving tweets. Spooky.

The organization is collecting and saving the data of those who voted or financially supported Donald Trump (see below).

Editor’s Note. This article was Written by JD Hall and published at the Montana Daily Gazette. Reprinted in full with permission.

5 thoughts on “Payback: Tweets of Trump Supporters Being Archived for Future Revenge

  1. AOC and her counterparts must have got a firmware update from their programmers because I’ve never seen so many people start using a word like “sycophant” all at once.

  2. Twitters are morons anyway. Those engaging in the illusion of “Left vs Right,” thinking that there are two different parties are also morons. You politicos are being played like the fiddle Nero used while Rome burned. Chances are he chucked it into the fire when he was finished. Go on and cheer for your favorite puppet(s) of choice and keep trusting in professional actors and liars. The push towards globalism has sucked you in and you don’t resist, no matter which phony label you wear.

  3. Guess what, those four members in the House of Representatives Who formed a group, including AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, Ileana Presley, now apparently have a fifth member who just got elected from Missouri.

    Guess who will be likely be advising President Kamala Harris (God forbid) and essentially be helping her run the federal government? Remember that Harris is a Buddhist and some of that group are Muslims.

    Don’t be surprised after this new ethnic and gender threshold has been passed, the next Democrat president, and it might not be until 2033 if Biden resigns or is forced out just after his two-year anniversary and Harris takes over and wins reelection twice so she serves just under 10 years, is a gay man or woman like Pete Buttigieg or perhaps a transsexual.

    Might be quite a while till we see another white, heterosexual man as president again and certainly not a Christian, as I can’t remember one that clearly was.

    Given how the demographics of the country will change over the next few years with Democrats controlling the White House, there will probably never be another Republican president, and even if there is, they would be endlessly hounded the way Trump was, and the Democrats know how to make sure they would not get reelected.

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