Trump No Longer Identifies as a Presbyterian, Now Calls Himself a…

President Trump, who has for decades has identified himself as a Presbyterian, has repudiated his former denomination and now identifies as a “Non-Denominational Christian.”

In an exclusive interview with Religion News Service, Trump responded in a written statement to a question about whether or not he considered himself an evangelical Christian:

Though I was confirmed at a Presbyterian church as a child, I now consider myself to be a non-denominational Christian.

Trump did not elaborate or give any indication of when this transition happened or what it means for him personally.

The President’s faith has been the subject of much speculation, but every indication is that he is a false convert and needs to be saved. Lest one think that President Trump previously identified with the conservative PCA, however, the PCUSA would be more in line with his thinking. He told CBN in 2012:

“I’m a Protestant; I’m a Presbyterian. And you know I’ve had a good relationship with the church over the years. I think religion is a wonderful thing. I think my religion is a wonderful religion.”

For years he attended Marble Collegiate Church, a once-Reformed, now fully inclusive, LGBT-supporting church in New York City that was home for half a century to Senior Minister Norman Vincent Peale, author of the best-selling heretical book The Power of Positive Thinking. Naturally, the Church has been a theological nightmare for decades and should not be viewed as a legitimate church.

According to RNS:

Asked whether he learned anything spiritually from his experience of contracting COVID-19, Trump responded that he and Melania ‘felt the prayers of Americans from all across the country — and even around the world’ when he was recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

I said, ‘There were miracles coming down from heaven.’ I meant it — Melania and I are very thankful to God for looking out for our family and returning us to good health.


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6 thoughts on “Trump No Longer Identifies as a Presbyterian, Now Calls Himself a…

  1. This should come as a surprise to no one. If you’re voting for him because of his Pro-Israel, Pro-Life policies – Amen. If you’re voting for him because you think he’s truly born again, I’d tell you to look elsewhere, but there’s nowhere else to look. This is a disappointing norm and a sign of the times.

  2. Not surprised at all as he’s probably one of these guys who looks at religion as a crutch for the weak. I hate to say that about him as I truly pray for his salvation and hope for the Lord will draw I am at this late stage in his life.

    I could kind of tell that he really didn’t identify as Presbyterian, even though he was raised as one, although probably nominally, just by his Supreme Court choices as we still don’t have a real Protestant on the court since Neil Gorsuch doesn’t qualify as an Episcopalian, especially when you understand what that denomination and his church in Colorado believes and teaches.

    No wonder our Supreme Court for the last few decades has rendered so many horrible decisions, including Obergefell five years ago and going back to 1973, Roe v. Wade when there probably were some protestants on the Court, but it didn’t make any difference.

    The only thing that would be appropriate is truly regenerate, Protestants of the Reformed persuasion. Donald Trump seems to have no knowledge of this or care. Given our choices next week, though, he is still clearly the superior one.

  3. While I pray that Trump’s salvation is real, I have no delusions that I’m electing a Pope or spiritual leader to the White House. Those who refuse to support the candidate who most promotes biblical precepts because that candidate doesn’t meet their personal standards of holiness are nothing less than intellectually and morally dim.

  4. Trump really cares about Christians… only for their vote. He’s a Freemason. Remember him saying about Christians… “Can you believe people believe that bulls**t” Yeah… he’s Pro-Israel but not to fulfill any Biblical prophecy… he’s a Freemason! And he talks a great Pro-Life policy , but has done zip since being elected. Lesser of the two evils is still evil.

    1. ” And he talks a great Pro-Life policy , but has done zip since being elected.” Wow, Mike, your ignorance is astounding (MSNBC, CNN watcher?) — TDS runs strong in your veins! Might educate yourself a little. I can understand if you are hesitant to vote for Trump (have you ever voted before — were those candidates not evil as well?), but to make a statement that Trump has done zip for the pro-life movement since he has been in office is simply false.

    2. That’s foolishness; we’re all inherently evil. If you’re waiting for a 100% holy candidate, you’ll be waiting until Christ establishes the millennial kingdom. Until then God establishes rulers (Romans 13:1) and in this nation we have the privilege (I would say responsibility) to participate in the selection of said rulers. We’re also instructed to seek the welfare of our city, as in it’s welfare we will find our welfare (Jeremiah 29:7).

      Trump can’t wave a unilateral magic wand or issue a decree on all aspects of governance. And you wouldn’t want him to have that capability as the next pro-choice president could turn those around 180 degrees. But Trump has done the following to at least curb abortion in the meantime:

      Appointing pro-life judges
      Ended U.S. involvement in Mexico City policy
      Defunded U.N. population fund
      Although not complete defunding, defunded Planned Parenthood through the Title X program
      Signed executive order protecting newborns from infanticide

      There are more, but those are just several off the top of my head.

      Quickly ask yourself these questions. If he wasn’t at least moving in a life affirming direction, do you really think Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations would vilify him so much? And why are those very organizations endorsing his opponent?

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