Book Shows Every Word in the KJV Bible, Arranged Alphabetically

An artist has taken the Bible and rearranged it so that it shows every single word in the scriptures and how often it occurs, all in alphabetical order.

The 1364 page behemoth is the creation of Joseph Ernst and Jan van Bruggen, both of who work at the Sideline collective.

The artists say that the purpose of the project was to “Turn a book into something objective. Quantifiable. Analytical. So we can study the individual parts and learn new ways to read a text. If we look at books as datasets, we can see the statistical information within the writing, and discover insights that might otherwise be impossible to find.”

As a result, here are their findings, at a glance:

BIBLE THE: Data suggests that The Bible skews towards a positive bias. For example, ‘Good’ is used 720 times, ‘bad’ only 18. ‘Love’ is used 308 times and ‘hate’ 87 times. And ‘happy’ less so, at 28 times, but still over twice as much as the 11 uses of ‘sad’.

‘Right’ features 358 times, ‘wrong’ just 26. ‘Light’ features 272 times, ‘dark’ only 43. ‘Pleasure’ 61 times, ‘pain’ 25. And ‘Life’ 451 times, still more than the 371 instances of ‘death’. This positive trait also translates into Biblical subject matter. For example, ‘Heaven’ features 582 times, whereas ‘hell’ only 54. There are 94 ‘angels’ to 55 ‘devils’, 96 ‘saints’ to 48 ‘sinners’, and 302 ‘blessed’ to a mere 3 ‘damned’, and a total of 27 ‘miracles’.

The artists proceed with their commentary, discussing the gender bias in the scriptures:

Unsurprisingly, there is no ‘sex’ or ‘intercourse’ in The Bible, but there are 17 ‘concubines’, 9 ‘adulterers’, 8 ‘harlots’, 4 ‘sodomites’, 3 instances of ‘copulation’, 3 instances of ‘conception”, 2 ‘whores’, and 1 ‘prostitute’.

Gender wise, the data suggests that The Bible is overwhelmingly biased towards males. At it’s most extreme, The Bible has 8,472 instances of the word ‘his’ and only a mere 3 instances of ‘hers’.

And whilst this gender bias persists across the male-female divide, for the most part, it is less pronounced. There are 1,653 references to ‘men’ and only 181 to ‘women’. ‘He’ is used 10,404 times, ‘she’ only 982. ‘Him’ 6,659 times to 1,994 uses of ‘her’. This bias extends beyond pronouns, to other gender-specific identifiers: only 252 ‘daughters’ to 1,094 ‘sons’, only 8 ‘mothers’ to 548 ‘fathers’, only 4 uses of the term ‘lady’ to 7,830 uses of the term ‘Lord’, 3 ‘queens’ to 340 ‘kings’, and just 5 uses of ‘goddess’ to 4,440 uses of ‘god’.

The limited edition “bible” can be purchased for $2583.00 USD or an ebook for $12.91.

h/t to the pagans at the Friendly Atheist

6 thoughts on “Book Shows Every Word in the KJV Bible, Arranged Alphabetically

  1. This is the problem with higher textual criticism. You can not treat the Bible like it is any other book. For example, if you simply look at the number of times the word ‘true’ and ‘false’ occurs in the Bible, that is one thing. However, this would tell you nothing about false prophets, or false teachers, because this work endeavors to catalog the individual words used in God’s Word. There were people during the time of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry who heard the very Word of God made flesh speak, yet did not have ears to hear. Treating the Holy Scriptures like any other text won’t aid in the salvation of a single person. The fruit thereof is rotten.

    1. Also, their counts are off in some instances. The count for ‘Hell’ is correct, for example, but the count for ‘Adulterer’ is inaccurate. It occurs 9 times in the OT, but 7 times in the NT, as the same root word is also sometimes translated ‘Adulteress’. So this is one of the many practical examples of how a work like this truly misses the mark.

    1. The Greek word from this term “rapture” is derived appears in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, translated “caught up.” The Latin translation of this verse used the word rapturo. The Greek word it translates is harpazo, which means to snatch or take away.

      so… at least one time.

  2. These ‘artists’ claim that ‘Unsurprisingly, there is no ‘sex’ or ‘intercourse’ in the Bible.’
    Genesis 4:1 ‘And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived..'(KJV).
    Tells me that they have never read the Bible.

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