How Cominterns Capitalize on Race to Invade and Corrupt “White Spaces”

That Comminterns exist is hardly conspiratorial. They certainly do exist, even if most people don’t know what they are or what purpose they serve. This short article will explain the concept and give an example of a particularly loud and obvious Comintern, Anthony Bradley.


Originally, the term Comintern referred to those who were a part of Stalin’s Communist International, founded in 1917. Stalin dissolved that organization in 1943, but another organization was founded in 1947 – ComInform – and was designed to subvert Europe with Communism (it was dissolved in 1957).

But the term, Comintern, became widely used in the United States to refer to subversive agents of Marxism inside American politics, education, media, and culture in the 1950s and 1960s.

Marxism, you see, isn’t an honest ideology. It is a subversive ideology that requires co-opting and gradually changing successful institutions from the inside out. As Thomas Sowell points out in his book on Marxism, the irony is that like any parasite, Marxism relies on Capitalism to exist at all. As Sowell explains, Marxism requires free and capitalistic economic systems to suck upon like a mosquito. Without the Free Market existing, Marxism would have nothing to take because Marxism itself produces nothing. Instead of producing businesses, vibrant economies, or thriving markets (which it is incapable of doing) it must invade, subvert, and steal from those who do create, earn, and produce.

For this reason, Marxists simply do not announce that they are Marxist, and neither do they routinely announce their ideological intentions. For more than 70 years, Marxists have invaded American institutions under false pretenses and gradually taken America to the left. What we are now experiencing, politically, is the fruitful success of subversion as a policy.

Although this term was used frequently in American parlance during the 1950s and 1960s, the term has been almost scrubbed completely by Big Tech search engines in the last 2 years. People simply don’t want you to know the concept is thriving. Words are power, and Comintern is one of the words that progressives just don’t want you to know.


Cominterns join institutions, bureaucracies, churches, media outlets, the entertainment industry, and academia under the guise of having ideological alignment with core American ideals like personal liberty, academic freedom, private property rights, and wholesome values.

Once embedded in the institution or organization, the Comintern sits patiently for a period of years or even decades, solidifying their presence. In academia, this is done through acquiring tenure. In bureaucracies, it’s done by employment in the Deep State. In churches, it’s done by achieving ordination.

Cominterns will often undermine these institutions quietly for a period of years. Professors will subtly influence students, pastors will sneak a line here and there into a sermon, and media moguls will slip a progressive storyline here and there into their art.

In due time, when they feel it most advantageous, Cominterns then ‘come out of the closet’ as Marxists. By then, it’s usually too late to stop their influence and expunge them from the institution. Cominterns have been known to wait at times 30-40 years before reaching this point of brashness and finally admitting their Marxist ideology. And if it seems conspiratorial that Cominterns can hold onto their secrecy in order to play the long game, consider this well-publicized list of their 45 goals from 1963. Cominterns are experts at playing the long game.

Marxists aren’t the only ones who take this subversive approach to changing the culture. Sir Maurice Bowra – a homosexual – invented the term when he referred to himself as a homintern in 1937. The term was used by homosexuals worldwide (not first by their critics) to refer to their efforts to desensitize the masses to homosexual grossness. It wasn’t until the 1950s that critics of the LGBTQ Movement began to use the term as a pejorative. Other names for homintern include the Gaystapo (first used in 1940s France) and the Lavender Mafia (homosexuals using their position in entertainment and religion to promote their views).


You might know Anthony Bradley if you survey the ‘Woke Twitter’ wars, an incessant, daily battle amongst Social Justices and traditionalists fighting for the heart and soul of America 180 characters at a time. There is perhaps no better example of a Social Justice slave on the Woke Plantation than Bradley, who almost daily espouses the tenets of Critical Theory (derived from the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism).

In religion, Critical Theory is best exemplified by Black Liberation Theology. This unique theology, developed by Black Nationalist, James Cone, reduced all the world’s problems to racism of white men. It developed along side Liberation Theology, founded in South America by a partnership between Jesuits and Evangelicals who were frightened that the USSR and Cuba would eventually drive theists from the continent if they didn’t adopt some form of Marxism.

Today, Anthony Bradley is one of the most vocal proponents of Liberation Theology and Critical Theory in evangelicalism. You can see him teach Critical Theory and Black Liberation Theology below. Notice he promotes the unique vocabulary of the Critical Theory lexicon include “white privilege,” “white fragility,” and he assumes that “systemic injustice” is a verifiable fact and furthermore, that it is caused exclusively by white people and white men in particular.

But here’s Glenn Beck interviewing Anthony Bradley on Liberation Theology (or as Beck calls it here, “Marxist Theology”) just 12 years ago.

How did Bradley go from being a conservative pundit writing a three-part series against Black Liberation Theology to being a vocal proponent of it?

One might presume that his journey from Glenn Beck to Critical Theory took a hard-left turn when he started hanging out with Tim Keller (you can see that video here). But it’s really more simple than him being affected and persuaded by Keller’s Marxism.

In reality, Bradley is a Comintern. He embedded himself into “white spaces” (this is the terminology of Critical Theory, which he has adopted) as the token black man who would be trotted out on the auction block of ideology, singing his soulful conservative spirituals for Glenn Beck or whatever evangelical “white space” invited him to partake.

And Bradley did indeed benefit from the constant attention of white evangelicals, eager to find a black man to say what they would rather not. Building his resume’ at majority-white schools, speaking at majority-white churches, and keynote-addressing majority-white conferences, the Comintern boosted his Twitter following and expanded his platform.

And then, almost overnight, Bradley ‘activated’ as an out-and-proud defender of everything he spent a decade speaking against. But then, Bradley could preface his remarks with, “I’m not a liberal, I’ve hung out with Glenn Beck and Tim Keller” right before preaching a woke tirade that would make James Cone ‘amen’ from hell.

This seems to be a constant tactic of Cominterns, at least among those of a darker melanin count. Whether Kyle J. Howard, Philip Holmes, or Lecrae, these men all claimed to have been conservative and benefited immensely from “white spaces.” But then, almost overnight, they launched their ‘woke ministry’ all-the-while using their former associations with conservativism as a defense from accusations that they are not one of us.

Of course, there are plenty of white Cominterns other than just Tim Keller or Russell Moore. But their tactics to decry “white supremacy” seem a little less hypocritical than the aforementioned men who greatly benefited from being the only darker-skinned man in the Q&A circle.

The fact is, people just don’t naturally change their positions 180-degrees overnight without some kind of born-again experience. When they do, be aware that likely you’re not looking at someone who was suddenly persuaded by the left’s argument…you’re looking at a cold and calculated Comintern.

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