Woman Thrown Post-Abortion Party by Co-Workers, Balloons Included

A woman in Oklahoma City was overjoyed at the warm reception she received from her co-workers after returning to work following an abortion procedure, being thrown a party replete with balloons and streamers, congratulating her on the loss of her son that she killed in the womb.

With notes such as “Happy abortion” and “It was a boy,” written on the celebratory balloons, the incredibly callous picture was deleted within a few hours of being posted, but not before being shared and screenshotted.

Though there is always the chance that this highly offensive and shocking disregard for the pre-born was done in jest out of sick humor, the original poster who saw the post indicated to Protestia that while it came across as serious, she too was unsure to what degree, noting that, “Whatever the case, it’s very telling as to the heart of the woman who posted such [things].”

This viewpoint of abortion as a blessed tool or empowering event is growing more and more mainstream. Images like this that show no remorse demonstrate that that many women having abortions are not “victims,” despite what many in the pro-life movement say. Rather this woman is the aggressor, and a murderer, and shows a complete disregard for human life. She is not a victim, she is a victimizer. And if we’re serious about abortion being murder, we ought to treat it as such.

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6 thoughts on “Woman Thrown Post-Abortion Party by Co-Workers, Balloons Included

  1. This abomination guarantees we cannot and will not survive as a nation. Our destruction is nigh, even at the door. It is no longer possible to say “God bless America.” There is really nothing left for Him to bless. The balloon “It was a boy” made me feel sick to my stomach. However, the day will come when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ IS…IS…IS…LORD!!

  2. Naturally, this leaves me speechless but in a larger sense, it makes me think that not only are we under God‘s judgment as a nation but that we’re going to be even more so after this election if it goes the wrong way. It concerns me that we so richly deserve destruction and like we see in Romans 1, all the Lord has to do is remove his restraint on evil and the result is guaranteed, both individually and corporately. Has there ever been a time when 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 been more appropriate?

  3. There is no reason to believe this is anything but pure fiction. There are no names or details. It’s being spread by Protestia which recently changed its name from Pulpit & Pen. Pulpit & Pen was so full of lies and disinformation that it was banned from even Facebook

    1. Going by your logic Trish, since you are here on Protestia maybe you yourself and the statement you just wrote is just pure fiction, lies and disinformation.

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