J.D Hall’s Most Politically Incorrect Post Ever? Harsh Truths for Harsh People

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This might be the most politically incorrect post I’ve ever written (I sooo don’t care):

POTUS was absolutely, positively, 100% correct not to make an explicit condemnation of the Proud Boys or “white supremacists” on the command of Chris Wallace and the beck and call of Joe Biden. Here’s why…

First, let it be said – although it does not need to be – that white supremacy is repugnant and sinful. Let’s get that out of the way first.

But secondly, it is also a repugnant offense to *reality* to equate the chaos, burning, looting, and murder being committed by Black Lives Matter and Antifa with the white supremacist boogeyman that Democrats constantly harp about as a rhetorical tool.

As POTUS, Donald Trump has to operate in objective reality. And here is the objective reality; white supremacists are not taking over federal, state, and private property in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle. That’s the Left doing that.

White supremacists are not ambushing police officers in Los Angeles. That’s the Left doing that.

White supremacists are not burning down business districts in Wisconsin. That’s the Left doing that.

White supremacists are not storming private neighborhoods in St. Louis. That’s the Left doing that.

White supremacists are not setting dumpsters on fire in Minneapolis and blocking traffic in Ferguson. That’s the Left doing that.

White supremacists are not setting fire to America’s national forests in California, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. That’s the Left doing that.

White supremacists are not getting into vans and driving into America’s heartland to cause race riots. That’s the Left doing that.

White supremacists are not hitting motorists in the heads with bricks, demanding home-owners burn their American flags, or punching out little old ladies. That’s the Left doing that.

White supremacists are not gunning down inner-city black Americans in Chicago. That’s the Left doing that.

The problem is not the 14 dumb hicks with Confederate and Gadsden flags gawking around at scene of 1400 rioters looting and vandals vandalizing. The problem is the 1400 rioters and vandals.

White supremacists are drunken, ignorant, lazy, stupid hillbillies who show up in numbers of two-dozen to counter-protest rioters, looters, murderers, and rapists at “mostly peaceful protests” of two-thousand felons, arsonists and child molesters (because they like fights; not because they’re altruists).

White supremacists are illiterate, insolent, covetous losers looking for an excuse to blame someone for being illiterate, insolent, covetous losers. They are *not* however, responsible for the behavior and actions that have burned our cities and wildernesses, killed police officers, knocked-out the elderly, car-jacked motorists, and commandeered city blocks on the west coast. That’s the Left doing that.

There are seven days a week and 24 hours a day to condemn white supremacy because it is (as said above) both stupid and sinful. But the time to NOT condemn white supremacy is in the middle of a discussion about why America is currently burning, police are dying, businesses are being looted, and churches torched.

The IRA should be condemned. The PLO should be condemned. Green Peace should be condemned. ISIS should be condemned. PETA should be condemned. Anonymous should be condemned. These are all, in one way or another, terrorists who hurt people because of stupid and sinful ideologies. But NONE of these organizations are currently setting America on fire. That’s the Left doing that.

Why *should* POTUS be forced to condemn an organization or ideology when it is nothing but a shameless tactic to equivocate between one group that is a shameful annoyance and stupidity parade and another group that is setting us aflame? Why should POTUS play their games of deflection, as though America’s Right is somehow equally responsible for the current destruction being caused by America’s Left?

It’s like having your home ransacked by a neighborhood gang, and being asked by a reporter to take the time to condemn the mafia. You might respond, “The mafia is condemnable, but they’re not the ones responsible for our current problem, so no, I will not say impertinent things on cue like a trained talking monkey.”

The outrage you’ll see in the next 48 hours over POTUS “refusing to condemn white supremacy” is manufactured outrage. But the fact is, those idiots aren’t the current problem. The Left is. And the sooner we accept the facts about who is holding the matches in one hand and the gasoline in the other, the sooner we can extinguish our nation’s flames and go back to talking about how dumb white supremacy is.

And frankly, the evil currently being perpetrated by America’s Left makes it all-too-easy to overlook the evil ideology of white supremacy which, for the most part, is just tailgating 2020’s dumpster fire and shotgunning Bud Light like it were a football game they couldn’t afford to get into.


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9 thoughts on “J.D Hall’s Most Politically Incorrect Post Ever? Harsh Truths for Harsh People

  1. Another Right Wing Nut Job showing that he hates people who disagree with him politically. Nothing to see here.

  2. Nice politically incorrect post where you spend the whole article condemning white supremacists while black supremacists and anarchists burn the country you live in down.

    Who needs communists when we have people like you.

  3. Overall, so called white supremacists are so insignificant, I don’t see why all the focus has been given to them since they’re almost always on the left historically.

    It’s too bad Trump wasn’t prepared to mention white supremacists such as George Wallace, bull Connor, Albert Core Sr., LBJ (who loved using the N-word, even to humiliate his chauffeur) Woodrow Wilson, Robert Byrd (a friend of Joe Biden ‘s, by the way) and others were all Democrats.

    And then how about the best known “white supremacist” today, William Spencer, who recently came out in support of Joe Biden for president, which makes sense. Then you’ve got Jason Kessler, a former Obama lackey, who was the organizer of the so-called “unite the right” rally in Charlottesville a few years ago.

    Why would he do that except to make people think that white supremacists were on the right but historically that’s not been true as the KKK used to be an arm of the Democrat party and only Democrats owned slaves.

  4. I came upon a post by J.D. Hall recently that referenced a modern English version of “First Blast of the Trumpet …” by John Knox, which he said was hard to find. In fact, the link provided went nowhere. Could he tell me how to obtain a copy ? Thanks.

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