Protestia is a media outreach of Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney, Montana, and dedicates itself to providing alternative Christian news in an age of widespread censorship. Protestia’s general direction and purpose is overseen by that local congregation’s leadership, while its day-to-day operations and media publishing is managed by the Gideon Knox Group, a consortium of individuals from various fields (religious, business, marketing, design, and legal) who work together to help Christian conservatives and grassroots activists articulate their message. Through their help, small churches are able still to have a huge impact and a global witness.

Protestia brings to the public news stories that they may not hear in conventional media. When doing so, we strive to give our souces, link pertinent information, cite other outlets with the same findings, and be diligent in conveying the truth. Protestia also provides commentary and opinion from the theological and worldview perspective of conservative evangelical Christianity.

The name, Protestia, is a hat-tip to the Protestant Reformation and all writers, contributors, and volunteers who serve our publication are Protestant Christians who subscribe to one of the following Confessions of Faith:

  • The Westminster Confession of Faith
  • First London Baptist Confession of Faith (1643, 1644)
  • The Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689)
  • The Abstract of Principles
  • The Belgic Confession
  • The Augsburg Confession

Our goal at Protestia is to continue the Reformation in all facets of life, living the slogan, “Semper Reformanda” (always reforming). And likewise, we most certainly are Protestants who are still protesting.

Additionally, all writers, contributors, and volunteers are members in good standing of local congregations. Those who are unaffiliated with an established, Protestant church may not participate in our endeavors. And although our co-laborers may come from a variety of Protestant faith traditions including Presbyterians, Lutherans, or Congregationalists, the theological views explicitly propagated within our publication will be generally agreeable to those of Fellowship Baptist Church, which holds to the Second London Baptist Confession. However, many news topics covered by Protestia do not pertain to these doctrinal differences, and we enjoy happy cooperation with Protestant believers who share our worldview on other issues not directly related to our theological distinctives.

In addition, all writers, contributors, and volunteers subscribe to:

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Publisher: Gideon Knox Group

Managing Editor: D.L Germain

Senior Correspondent: Seth Dunn, M.Div

Chief Copywriter: Gerry Brinkman

Lead Admins: Tim Weakley, Ps. Michael Battenfield

Archivist: Justin Wilson

PNP News is thankful for many others who help to serve as copyrighters, editors, and social media admins.