Ligon Duncan: Culture War Traitor

(Abolitionist Rising) During a recent podcast episode, Reformed Theological Seminary Chancellor and Gospel Coalition Board Member Ligon Duncan displayed brutal ignorance and breathtaking faithlessness as he attacked the Abolitionist Movement.

The podcast was primarily aimed at criticizing theonomy and culture war Christians more broadly. Duncan and host Sean Demars praised the cultural engagement style of Tim Keller (which was total appeasement) while mocking and condemning the “Moscow Mood” as being a bunch of people who “larp faithfulness and courage on social media” while actually being “guys acting like they’re tough, but put them in a room and you’d have them in the fetal position in three seconds.”

At the 49-minute mark, Duncan turns his attention to abolitionists, accusing us of opportunistically coming on the scene after Roe was overturned without demonstrating long-term faithfulness:

“Roe v. Wade gets overturned and suddenly there’s an Abortion Abolition Movement. Like, where were you, like, for the last 50 years?”

Simply stated, this is a lie. Abolitionists have been… To continue reading, click here.

This article was written by James Silberman and published at Abolitionist Rising.

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4 thoughts on “Ligon Duncan: Culture War Traitor

  1. Maybe it would be a good idea to do a refresher series on some of the A-list “reformed” celebrity pastors that came to prominence in the 2000’s and 2010’s. Every time someone like John Piper or Ligon Duncan start talking this way, a lot of people act like it’s something new.

    For example, there’s this P&P article from 6 years ago: which reveals RTS’s association with some not so great “elites” so it would be no surprise if LD isn’t toeing the line on social issues while still parroting “gospel” (remember when that word used to mean something?) centered talking points reminiscent or the good-ol’ days when Ligon, R.C., MacArthur, and Mark Dever could be on the same stage, talk about Calvinism and everyone thought it was great.

  2. All the folks in Moscow are doing is living their faith. The diametric OPPOSITE of LARPing. And I admire their effort and am in agreement with most of their faith.

    As AD Robles has pointed out, Duncan is a broken man who has lived to see the failure of much he has held dear. I would pity him except for his intransigence

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