Church Holds ‘Pride Worship Service’ Featuring all LGBTQ Songs

A progressive church recently held a “Pride Worship” service- honoring Pride Month by ensuring nearly all the songs they sang for worship were inclusive and contained pro-sodomite propaganda in some way.

The horrid service was held June 2, 2022, at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, WI. Several gay and trans speakers spoke about the need for queer inclusion interspaced with pro-LGBTQ hymns, using the story of Ruth and the way she and Naomi clung to each other after the death of Elimelek as a model of queerness.

One speaker claimed “there’s nothing quite so queer as having to forge deep love and devotion in the wake of sudden death….” and later “(Naomi tells Ruuth) ‘I’m gonna help you figure out how to hook up with that rich man. Make sure you wear this perfume because he likes this perfume. Shimmy a little bit, because this is also queer love and this is also queer empowerment.”

Naturally, the church is part of the ELCA, the thoroughly pagan denomination perpetually in a fistfight with the United Church of Christ and the PCUSA to see who can hate and blaspheme Christ the hardest. Songs brought forward by the damned and dying ‘church’ included:

Build a Longer Table by David Bjorlin, a hymnist who advocates for LGBTQ inclusion and who has written songs for the Queer Hymnody.

Build a broader doorway, not a longer fence.
Love protects all people, sparing no expense.
When we embrace compassion more than fear,
Christ tears down our fences: all are welcome here

Unnamed song. Half these queer hymns are so obscure they’re not even searchable. Who knows who wrote this one.

“God gave this world a gift
The day that you were born
And though life can be hard
Because of who you love
No matter what you do
No matter who you are
God’s always by your side
You’re God’s beloved child

As we Gather at your Table. Carl P. Daw/ Some Pagan. They bastardized this wonderful hymn and added a fourth pro-queer verse not found in the original.

In Jesus Christ we all are siblings
Gathered in God’s love divine
All genders, races, orientations
All are equal in God’s great design

Like nails on a chalkboard.

h/t Exposing the ERLC

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