The Gospel Coalition Senior Editor Trashes ‘Rights’

(Capstone Report) Rights in general and gun rights in particular are necessary to protect innocent life from criminals and tyrants regardless of what radicals at The Gospel Coalition say.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” –Benjamin Franklin

A senior editor at The Gospel Coalition attacked the idea of “rights” in response to the school shooting. Brett McCracken of TGC compared abortion rights with gun rights.

According to the TGC senior editor McCraken, “We’ve utterly failed our children when: They can be brutally killed in the womb because enough adults clamor for abortion rights. They can be brutally killed in the classroom because enough adults clamor for gun rights. A child’s life is more precious than our rights.”

This is confused political commentary masquerading as something pious. Therefore, it is dangerous.

Note how it conflates something absurd “abortion rights” with something important “gun rights.” Also, note the attack on the concept of rights.

All of this is dangerous.

Conservatives rightly mocked the inanity of the assertion. For example this gem, “We’ve utterly failed our children when: We insist upon driving motor vehicles, leaving over 600 children dead each year, and 90,000 injured. Our selfish desire to drive a car, rather than walk is literary killing children. A child’s life is more precious than our right to drive.”

This highlights the double standard in progressive evangelical thinking on social issues: The only things that matter to them are the stories headlining on CNN and MSNBC.

What are rights? Why are…to continue reading, click here.

Editor’s Note. This article was written and published by the Capstone Report

Editor’s Note 2. TGC Senior Editor’s Favorite TV Show Contains Graphic Homosexual Sex Scene

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5 thoughts on “The Gospel Coalition Senior Editor Trashes ‘Rights’

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  1. It’s obviously very bad reasoning to try to compare a tool/instrument/device that could possibly be used to kill, with the act of killing itself. But by making such a bad argument, they are implicitly admitting that they know the unborn child is a child, and that they know abortion is murder. Since they’ve factored out that question, a more accurate, logical/reasonable equivalency would be to say we need to ban any and all medical tools/instruments/devices that could possibly be used to kill people at any age, from conception on – which would just about include any and all medical devices in existence – might as well ban the entire medical industry and shut down hospitals. And for those who attempt to make the argument in support of abortion, obviously their reasoning is that since devices/tools/etc. exist, which could be used to commit murder, then murder itself should be made legal. I.e., anything that could be done should be allowed to be done, simply because it could be done. They’re making the same bad argument with respect to miscarriages, attempting to argue that abortion should be legal in all cases, because sometimes babies naturally die in the womb and they don’t want any such instances to be investigated – which, of course, is also extremely nonsensical – it’s like trying to argue that people die from being struck by lightening, or other acts of God or natural means, therefore no deaths should be investigated, therefore murder should effectively be legal. I.e., since people naturally die, it should be legal to kill.

    And of course this socialist “womb to tomb” stuff is no different. It’s the bad reasoning that because everyone else didn’t allow you to be murdered, everyone else is now responsible to meet your every want and need and care for you for the rest of your life, having no responsibilities, obligations, or consequences of your own, with which to contend, as if you were a newborn child your entire life. No different than the absurd notion that if someone were to stop an assailant from murdering you, that person would then be obligated to care for you for the rest of your life because they didn’t allow you to die. Same “logic” as saying the agents who took down the attacker are now responsible to care and provide for all the children in the school for the rest of their lives because the agents didn’t allow the attacker to kill them all. And such bad reasoning is even more evil, when the reverse implications are considered.

    If abortion were a right (which it isn’t), it would be a so-called “positive right” – a wicked idea invented by leftists/collectivists to try to justify their ideology – to manufacture excuses for infringing on the God-given rights of others. I.e., someone else has the so-called obligation (in this case the baby) to give up their own natural God-given rights (negative rights) for someone else. In this case the baby would be “ethically” obligated to die for the sake of the mother’s convenience. Whereas a more accurate, fair, and Biblical view would say, no, the mother’s right to convenience ends where the baby’s right to exist begins.

    But let them keep making the bad arguments that expose their wicked hearts. Once they admit they know the unborn baby is a baby – once they admit they know that being “with child” means being with child – they have no leg to stand on.

    1. We’ve just lived through 2.5 years of mass death and destruction, worldwide, resulting from a few researchers’ immoral use of medical tools, and possibly one other person’s irresponsible handling of the virus. The actions of just a few people resulted in 2.5 years of mass death and destruction. Add to that the deaths caused by the so-called “vaccine” – which many where immorally coerced into taking – , and it’s far worse. Using their “logic” the entire medical industry should be banned, and every practitioner of any profession related to medicine or lab work should be blamed for what those few researchers did.

      No, the problem is in the heart. Just as God’s Word tells us. Tools can be used for good or for evil. Tools are not the problem.

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