SBC Presidential Candidate Bart Barber Claims the Woman is “Never the One Doing the Killing” During an Abortion

One of the magical things about social media (especially Twitter) is how easily it can reveal the underlying beliefs of those who use it. Enter SBC presidential candidate Bart Barber – a self-described Twitter addict – who has mastered (or so he thinks) the art of dog-whistling to the progressive elite within the SBC while playing a non-controversial simpleton for the sake of the rubes in the pews.

In the wake of the leak of the SCOTUS draft striking down Roe vs Wade and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) helping kill anti-abortion Louisiana House Bill 813 on grounds that it dared to hold pregnant mothers responsible for their role in killing their children, Barber posted a series of tweets claiming victory for the “incrementalist approach” and chastising abortion abolitionists, who (ironically now that Roe v. Wade seems likely to be overturned) Barber claimed had put zero points on the board:

In response, Barber was asked about punishing the mother as an accessory to the murder of the unborn child:

Barber said the quiet part out loud, revealing that he believes the mother is never responsible for the abortion she has:

This conversation took place in view of Barber claiming he had “no obligation” to read LA HB813 – the pivotal piece of information in the conversation he inserted himself into:

This technique is typical Bart Barber, who consistently plays dumb when confronted with direct questions about hot-button issues, nuances his statements to the point of near irrelevance, and peppers his interactions with winsome calls to just get along.

Now his soft, unbiblical doctrine is being laid bare for formerly-unaware Southern Baptists. All that remains to be seen is whether messengers will respond strongly enough against the Barber-represented drift to overwhelm the institutional employees that will be flown into Anaheim to protect the SBC establishment.

7 thoughts on “SBC Presidential Candidate Bart Barber Claims the Woman is “Never the One Doing the Killing” During an Abortion

  1. As is typical, he is trying to win votes from the statistically easy to manipulate female messengers. Why do we even have female messengers making the decisions at the Southern Baptist Convention? That doesn’t seem to follow the biblical precedent.

    The 38.2 percent of the messengers that were female at the last convention showed the same susceptibility to manipulation that occurs during the closing days of every secular election. This is why the female voters are always targeted in that manner. And then they can be counted on to sway some of the males in their midst after they have been deceived. This is literally the identical situation that was stated in chapter three in the book of Genesis… and Adam’s headship was placed over Eve as a result.

    Why again do we have female messengers?

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  2. I have my seminary degree so I’m educated: If you coddle and enable people they will naturally stop a bad behavior. Look at black people and murder rates.

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