Op-Ed: The Silence from Pastors Over the Death of Roe v. Wade is Stunning- Where is the Joy?

The Supreme Court being poised to overturn Roe v Wade is a big deal. For the last 50 years over 60,000,000 babies have been butchered in the womb, little souls who have been poisoned, gassed or dismembered into a slurry of brain, blood, and bone, all being sanctioned and lauded by the state. This widespread, systematic slaughter dwarfs the holocaust that occurred in Nazi Germany, claiming 10 times the victims and lasting 10 times as long.

It’s on the verge of death, and one of the most unsettling things about it is the silence and lack of enthusiasm from so many pastors and Christian leaders.

Notice how so many ‘Christian’ leaders or influencers are either not commenting about the death of Roe v Wade, or if they do, it is only from the peripheries? There is no sense of unrestrained shouting and weeping with joy and gratitude- “this is awesome, praise God!”- but rather only a series of snipey comments saying things like “Now that they’ve overturned this, Republicans need to start actually caring about the lives of the mother by providing them maternity leave” or “This is a win, but now they need to turn their eyes to the black and POC community with real aid.”

Sure, but my God– can you at least be happy about this? Can you at least tweet once that this is fantastic, without your depressive, snarky commentary? Can any degree of triumph, exultation, or jubilation ring forth? Can these pastors let us know that they actually care without sounding mildly irritated that this went down?

When we say that these #BigEva critics make opaque references to the death of Roe v Wade, here’s a great example. This is all they have to say about it. No previous tweets about it. No ebullient celebration. No outward grins. Just more scolding, tut-tutting, and “well akshually……..”

That’s when they say anything at all. But what of when they don’t? Granted, just because a man or woman doesn’t say something on Twitter, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care. But we spent 10 minutes doing some quick research to see what some of the bigger names in evangelicalism are saying about the megaton event.

The vast majority on this list have been tweeting out regularly since this happened, and never once mentioned it.

Many more could be added, but this is just a quick and dirty compendium of folk off the top of our heads who like to tweet, but apparently just not about this.

Joel Osteen. Steven Furtick. Craig Groeschel. Mark Patterson. Andy Stanley. Louis Giglio. Ed Young Jr. Tony Evans. Priscilla Shirer. Lisa Bevere. Joyce Meyer. Rick Warren. Paul Tripp. Jentezen Franklin. Max Lucado. Victoria Osteen. Paula White. Brian Houston. Judah Smith. Levi Lusko. Greg Laurie. John Hagee. Rod Parsely . TD Jakes. Kari Jobe. Carey Nieuwhof. Robert Morris, Thabiti Anyabwile, etc.

We checked most of their Facebook and Instagram pages and did not find anything about it either. It’s all silence.

A good example of this is Thabiti. A day after the announcement, he offered a 20-tweet thread recounting his trip to hear Nikole Hannah-Jones discussing ‘The 1619 Project’ live, but has remained absolutely silent on the ruling.

This sort of makes sense. Most of them never talked about abortion ever from the pulpit, so why should we expect them to mention this gigantic step in seeing its demise? Yet when we look at how many of them had comments about other big cultural events like the death of George Floyd, it is evident where their heart lies.

This list doesn’t include the progressive xtians either, the ones who frequently find themselves on @wokePreachertv. Many of them are complaining about this or wishing that it never happened, bemoaning that white evangelicalism voted for Trump and therefore are complicit in him appointing the judges that are seeking to put an end to this, which will just end up somehow hurting women and black folk.

There is no joy. No appreciation. No recognition of what is about to happen. There is only silence, snark, and a distinct impression that this doesn’t factor into their faith life at all.

9 thoughts on “Op-Ed: The Silence from Pastors Over the Death of Roe v. Wade is Stunning- Where is the Joy?

  1. Quite the “logic” there KJH. By your own reasoning and false accusations, you embrace every evil the candidate and party you voted for is or is accused of.

    By your own reasoning you embraced abortion, abominable perversions, and much more that is in conflict with God’s Word. By your own accusations, are a hypocrite of the worst kind.

    Matt. 7:2 comes to mind.

      1. No, Kyle J Howard is repeating the same false accusations that are always directed at people who vote republican, and in this case also those who voted for Trump. That’s what he is alluding to in the tweet posted in the article above, and in other recent tweets.

        Bias is when “white evangelicals” are accused of supporting any and every thing the candidate they voted for either is for or is accused of being for, while Kyle J Howard doesn’t hold himself to the same standard by which he is accusing others, with respect to his own vote and everything the candidate he voted for is for or is accused of being for. That’s worse than slight bias – it’s a polar opposite double standard. And he will be judged in the same hypocritical manner he is judging others.

      2. Kyle would be a good fit for Roys. He’s not only engaging in guilt-by-accusation tactics, but guilt-by-accusation-by-association, based on hearsay, circular reasoning, circular referencing, and just about every other fallacious tactic possible, while not holding himself to anywhere near the same standards by which he’s judging others. That’s Roys in a nutshell.

        But if you think my comment was wrong, feel free to point out how it was wrong.

  2. It’s a big win. Now some people are dazed. Entire careers were built on agitation and the big fight. They have no idea how to handle winning, how to raise funds and agitate to actually go and take care of babies and women.

  3. Although you listed a number of false teachers, I believe that most fundamental pastors aren’t speaking about it because they suspect what most of us do:

    1. The leak may not be a reflection of what the ruling will actually be. Leaks don’t just happen. This is orchestrated for some end.

    2. Whatever the planned outcome, in either direction, it is almost certainly intended to stir up a civil war (or sizable unrest) and has nothing to do with a concern for human life.

    The timing of this ruling – in the midst of a manufactured war, a coming/ designed global famine, and a “pandemic” meant to enslave and alter the entire world – is not an accident.

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