Justin Peters Issues Open Challenge to Charismatic Prophets: ‘Here’s Your Chance to Embarrass Me…’

Noted apologist Justin Peters has taken to social media and issued an open challenge to all his charismatic detractors and to all the so-called charismatic prophets out there claiming to regularly hear from God and issuing forth prophecies: ‘put up or shut up about your collective prophetic acumen, and answer this one question.’

Explaining that “Some of the most globally impacting earth-shattering events that have happened in any of our lifetimes have happened all in the last couple of years” he lists off some of the bigger hits and how they have as a collective whole have been embarrassed for the better half of two years.

No one prophecied COVID coming, most prophecied that COVID would end right away. No one saw the unending riots coming and staying for months after the death of George Floyd. Everyone missed Trump getting COVID. Everyone prophecied that Trump would win reelection. Many prophecied that Trump would keep the presidency even after Biden was inaugurated, etc. No one saw Covid lasting as long as it did. No one prophecied the storming of the capitol on January 6, the complete debacle in Afghanistan, the war in Ukraine, etc.

It’s been a bad time to be a prophet, that’s for sure. But Peters has a plan to change all that, declaring:

I want to give you a chance, not only to redeem yourself, but also to embarrass me. All of you know I’ve been, I’ve been pretty hard on you, rightly so I think, pointing out…your complete and total prophetic faceplant over the last two years, like over and over and over and over and over and over.

So, here’s your chance to redeem yourself and to prove me wrong. Embarrass me. Okay? Embarrass this old fuddy-duddy of a cessasionist .All right, here’s my challenge. The war is raging in Ukraine. I want any one of you between now -I’m recording this on the evening of April the 20th 2022-… and May 1, that gives you about 10 days. That’s plenty of time to either shoot up to heaven, or just start engaging God in a conversation I want you to ask him, “how’s the war in Ukraine going to end?”

I want you sometime between now and May 1 put up a video timestamp so it can be verified and all that good stuff. I want to see it. You tag me on it. Hey, if you take me up on this challenge, word will get around and I’ll know about it, believe me, I’ll know about it.

So you put up your video and you tell me, you tell all of us, when is the war going to end and how is it going to end? Who’s going to win this war? Is it going to be Russia or is it going to be Ukraine? Or is there going to be some kind of a settled peace maybe where Russia gets the Donbas region and Ukraine maintains its sovereignty? How’s this thing going to end? Okay, be specific. How is it going to end and when is it going to end?”

Peters then goes on to offer them generous terms. They don’t even have to give him a specific date, but can give him a two-week timeframe “ie second half of October, the first half of August.”

Calling out several prophets by name, from Kris Vallaton to Troy Black to Kat Kerr, he notes that they claim to be in constant regular, face-to-face contact with God and many like Kerr claim to be constantly visiting heaven to get their daily download. Kerr claimed just the other day that God has told her what color of outfits she needs to start wearing, and some have even said that God tells them what kind of toothpaste to use, so even one of them must have some insight into this major global event, right? Surely one of them might have heard something about it in their daily discourses with the Lord, right? Right?

The gauntlet has been thrown down, with Petes the Elijah figure to these 450 prophets of Baal.

Let’s see what they come up with.

7 thoughts on “Justin Peters Issues Open Challenge to Charismatic Prophets: ‘Here’s Your Chance to Embarrass Me…’

  1. To cop out they will just respond with something like.. oh didn’t Jesus say this?
    “On the other hand, it is written: ‘YOU SHALL NOT PUT THE LORD YOUR GOD TO THE TEST.’”
    Just wait for it.

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  2. Although I think there might be some false prohets among those Justin Peters challenges, I believe there are true ones also and I’d like this man to be REALLY emabrrassed for I think he’s messing with God not just with these people

    1. There aren’t any prophets today, period.
      If you don’t believe my words then believe that none, zero, nada, ever prophecy anything clear and unmistakable (unambiguous) BEFORE hand, nope, doesn’t happen.
      So stop with the peeping and muttering “messing with God” threats.

  3. The gift of prophecy may have ceased, but it is only for a time. The Bible says that in the last days it will return – Joel 2:28-32, Acts 2:17-21.

    Real prophecy is never wrong. It does not conflict with God’s Word. It is not about the here-and-now concerns of this life, but has eternal significance. In particular, false prophecy will conflict with Jesus’ teaching. He said not to be concerned with the things of this world. He said not to take thought for the morrow, what you will eat or drink, or how you will be clothed. And so on.

    If you apply the tests of what constitutes real prophecy, and what makes a false prophet, there’s no need to polarize into any particular theological camp. The men and women challenged have already proved themselves to be false prophets. 99.999999% of the time their “prophecies” conflict with God’s Word, from the start.

    We are told to read and learn God’s Word so that we will not be deceived. That is what we should do. And we should challenge it using the same method Jesus’ used when tempted. Let God’s Word speak for itself. In my experience, even those who are most emotional, who’s faith is wrongly built on feelings and emotion, or the notion that they are somehow special and closer to God than everybody else He has saved, will still heed God’s Word.

    I sincerely believe there are many true Christians in charismatic churches. I don’t condemn them. And I believe this is a debate that is not significant at this time, compared to the greater challenges facing the church as a whole. Children are being indoctrinated and groomed into all manner of abominable perverted degenerate sin. They are being bombarded and pressured into a godless worldview. Christians are being backed into a corner like never before in this country. Take up that fight instead. Debate the gifts of prophecy and tongues sometime else. Now’s not the time.

  4. I agree with TheOtherBen. The people above are all part of the James Goll-led prophets subculture of the charismatic movement. That subculture is itself an outgrowth of the Kansas City Prophets, who always left me cold. By the early 1990s one of those men was exposed as trying to prophesy his way into sexual favors, and another one assembled Democratic Party talking points in 1993 and called it a word from the Lord. Not surprisingly, he was exposed as a longtime practicing homosexual around 2004.

    Notwithstanding all that, the real menace to the American church today is the Social Justice/Woke Downgrade, not a bunch of windbag prophets most Christians know are not to be taken seriously. The Woke Downgrade is penetrating much more deeply among the Baptists and Presbyterians than among the charismatics and pentecostals. Justin Peters’ own backyard is being overrun, not by charismatics but by the religious BLM crowd. For him to spend nearly all his time fighting charismatics rather than BigEva is like having his backyard on fire and instead of getting back there with a hose, sitting on his porch with his phone insisting he just has to delete emails now.

  5. Peters is a false prophet. He gloats on the fact of his large “ministry” which is entirely attacking those he doesn’t agree with. He doesn’t preach the gospel. Look at his face. He’s as fake as they come.

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