PCA Church Leads Corporate Confession For Puritan “Genocide,” Cultural Appropriation And Pollution

Using a shaming template from race grifter Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, who recently led World Vision through a year of struggle sessions and woke training, Christ Central Church, a supposedly conservative PCA congregation in Charlotte, North Carolina, crafted a special Thanksgiving-themed prayer of corporate confession for their congregants, on account of the sins they were told they bear for the actions of the Puritans and Pilgrims who settled the United States hundreds of years ago.

During several services, Revs. Josh Kim and Howard Brown led the same scripted confession over multiple weeks, allowing for a time to respond and repeat, urging congregants, to declare themselves complicit in “genocide,” cultural appropriation, and pollution”, according to Woke Preacher TV, who provided the clip and information in the intro.

On account of the clip being fairly but extensively collated, we have included a transcript of both men talking as well as the audience response, spliced together to create a more seamless and clear impression, but the original wording can be reached and confirmed at the source link.

November is National Native American Heritage Month. And in light of that, in the prayer of lament, repenting of the corporate and personal sin against indigenous people was written by our own Deacon.

This is a very specific confession:

This was Thanksgiving week so just give me a minute, please. When I grew up, we didn’t know any better. And we were either the pilgrims or we were what we call the Indians. Remember that? And you can make your feather into a turkey feather, or you can make your feather into what we called Indian headdress. We were taught in my public school that the Pilgrims only brought good things to the Indians. And it was a happy Thanksgiving- Pocahontas and all that. Remember Disney’s Pocahontas? The very European look and Pocahontas with the brown skin?

But we’ve learned that it wasn’t that easy. The thankful part is we know that God’s sustained two people groups, we know that God did his part and both groups suffered in some ways, but the oppression was beared by the First Nation folk,

You may say, ‘well, well, I have not done this, or I’m not part of this’- whatever it may be. But what we’re saying is that we have created this system together, and corporately together. We’re coming and repenting, asking God’s grace to reign in this area. So join with me in this great prayer will repentance. Lament as we come, lamenting with one another in preparation of coming to the Lord with the Lord’s Supper.

I want you to take this confession and assurance with you as you celebrate Thanksgiving. Think about what it means to those who were oppressed during that time. And let’s be thankful to God for forgiveness and reconciliation, conciliation and reparation and restoration and the many things.

I’ll read the leader portion. Remember, Lord what happened to the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, what is also called North America, when the Europeans arrived upon its shores. Look and see the disgraceful way we have treated those created in your image.

Our ancestors sinned the great sins of greed, theft, and genocide. Our ancestors are no more but we bear the shame. Our own myths, peace and exceptionalism, have been exposed. Woe to us for we have sinned. Our hearts are faint, and our eyes grow dim.

We have appropriated, looked away attempted to silence native cultures. We have not treated your natural creation with love and care as commanded in Your Word. We have not been the stewards you call us to be. The land lies desolate, far from this Shalom and harmony found in the garden and continues to be harmed by pollution, misuse and resource exploitation.

You, Lord, reign forever… Forgive us, Lord, restore us to yourself that we may return, renew our days of old.

Let us take some time to personalize these things. I do urge you to pray with all your heart. If you’re thinking,’ Oh, that’s that liberal stuff, Oh that CRT stuff.’ No, this is that Biblical stuff. And I can show you numerous places in Scripture (where) groups of people had to apologize and ask the Lord for forgiveness for the ways they treated other tribes in the Bible. Calm your heart before the Lord and recognize we all participate in these kinds of sins.

14 thoughts on “PCA Church Leads Corporate Confession For Puritan “Genocide,” Cultural Appropriation And Pollution

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  2. Puritans and Pilgrims were not colonialists. They were refugees fleeing religious oppression. Their settlements were not formed by or subservient to the king of England or any other country. They were not complicit in the evils perpetrated by those in colonies operating under, by, and for the crown.

    This fact of history – the fact that there were many different types of settlements, not all of which were colonies – is intentionally ignored as a matter of bearing false witness, to spin the narrative in a manner that is actually very racist, by lumping all white people into the same category as those few who committed atrocities.

    No, I’m not going to apologize for what the flipping king of England and his operatives did 400 years ago. If you want a collectivist, generational, tribal apology for that, go talk to his descendants.

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  3. And after the big prayer time Revs. Josh Kim and Howard Brown called out all the Asian nations who are homogeneous in language and culture and berated China and Russia for their gulags, pograms and anti-Uighurisms. And then rightly concluded with a sermon from the Conquest of Canaan, holding up Joshua and Caleb as heroes of Faith!.

  4. The myopic stupidity of this message is breathtaking. Are these people truely so dumb as to not be aware of world history and the progression of mankind?
    Woke idiots who apparently prefer virtue-signaling racist idiocy to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  6. Lets settle now and move on. I propose that we give the Native Americans the following cities: New York, San Fransico, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Portland, and Cincinnatti. We could also throw in the states of Illinois (includes Chicago), New Jersey and the District of Columbia as well. Why when these people pray must the keyboard be tinkling a tune the whole time. Lastly Reverend Brown needs to spend some time confessing his sin of gluttony.

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