John MacArthur Cuts Promo Promising No Vaccine Passports or White Guilt At Master’s Seminary

John MacArthur has cut a promo ad for the Master’s Seminary, of which he is a chancellor, promising for anyone considering attending that there won’t be any vaccine passports or the teaching of critical race theory anywhere on campus, but rather pure, unadulterated scripture.

MacArthur has famously spent the last year caught up in national headlines as he battled Los Angeles County in the courts and in the public eye over their decision to have the church, as usual, free of social distancing and mandatory masks. This, along with the occasional case of COVID at the Master’s Seminary, has resulted in widespread condemnation from certain biased parties hellbent on trying to pin some sin on the lapel of his church and organization. He has further made several public statements critical of this racial theory, and so it is no surprise that he would go after it so vigorously. He shares:

For a lot of reasons, the Masters University is unique. Just thinking about the current climate, on university campuses across the country, we’re very different.

For one thing, we don’t require anyone to be vaccinated. Something else you’ll never hear at the Master’s University is social justice, critical race theory, white privilege, white guilt, racial identity. We don’t teach that. We don’t advocate that. That’s not biblical.

Look, we all understand that the Bible says we’re not to prefer one person over another. That in Christ is neither bond nor free, male or female, Jew or Gentile. We’re all one. We understand the biblical reality of that, that we are one in Christ.

And because we’re one in Christ, the last thing we would ever do is divide people up into identity groups, in order to satisfy revenge, vengeance, hatred. In order to divest people of responsibility for their own lives.

Look, sinners want to blame another generation, they want to blame some cultural thing, they want to blame some societal thing for the way they are. Until you accept responsibility for who you are before God, you’re not going to be open to the solution to that which is the gospel which totally transforms you.

We understand these things. but our biblical view gives us clarity on the issues that this culture faces today. The Gospel, the Word of God, the kingdom of light, doesn’t need any help. From the kingdom of darkness. That’s the kind of separation that we understand biblically. And that’s what’s made the Master’s University multi-ethnicity all through our campus, from all different countries of the world, still a place of love and unity in Christ.

6 thoughts on “John MacArthur Cuts Promo Promising No Vaccine Passports or White Guilt At Master’s Seminary

  1. John MacArthurโ€™s ranting speech sounded better in the original German, because heโ€™s a nazi

      1. If somebody was going to hire a troll, they’d likely at least find somebody with over a sixth-grade education. ‘Johnny’ possesses the IQ of a toaster, with none of its usefulness.

  2. The fact this position even needs to be mentioned is the disconcerting part.

    The worm has turned and the world has changed. Dark days are here.

    There is no such thing as new normal. There is a life with liberty, and a life without.

    Which would you prefer? They will not relinquish the power willingly, you will have to take it back by force.

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