Major Roman Catholic Paper Demands All Churches and Congregants Get Vaccine

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The National Catholic Recorder Editorial Staff wrote an article on Wednesday declaring that it is a moral imperative that all Roman Catholics get vaccinated, that not getting vaccinated is unacceptable and that priests should teach frequently and regularly to their congregations about the importance of getting vaccinated.

These comments echo Pope Francis, who said that “ethically everyone must take the vaccine. It is not an option” and that those who refused to take it were living in “suicidal denial.”

The NCR explained that “Everyone has a moral obligation to get vaccinated unless they have a legitimate medical condition prohibiting them from doing so. It is not even a close call” and that “There is a larger moral burden on everyone to do what it takes to avoid infecting others. In almost all cases, that simply means getting vaccinated. Accommodations provided to those who choose not to be vaccinated must not endanger their co-workers or fellow students.”

In the article, they attack any Catholic educator or school trustee that does not demand anything less than complete compliance to the CDC. As far as a solution, they insist that “The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops should ask all pastors to preach, and preach repeatedly, on the moral necessity of getting vaccinated.’

While stopping short of telling the churches to refuse entry to any parishioner not vaccinated, they conclude by offering the contemptuous, condescending advice:

“If a church or a company or a community has someone who does not want to get vaccinated for such reasons, the obligation is not to suspend the requirements for them. It is to demonstrate solidarity, to empathize and understand, and to accompany them as they stand in line to get the vaccine. Getting vaccinated is not only a way to protect oneself but to protect us all. If ever there was a moral obligation, this is it

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1 thought on “Major Roman Catholic Paper Demands All Churches and Congregants Get Vaccine

  1. Not surprising that a fraudulent pagan organization would encourage people to take an unnecessary shot that has killed thousands of people.

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