SBC Executive Committee Officer Torched by SBC Prez, Others for Calling out ‘Woman Preacher’

SBC Executive Committee officer Rod. D. Martin has been doused with gasoline and set ablaze by the Twitterverse and various SBC two-bit personalities who are angered that he called out a Southern Baptist pastor for promoting his wife’s ministry as, “Solid. Biblical. Preaching,” along with pointing out the fact that she preached at a chapel service to a mixed audience – something she ought not to have done.

Consequently, the response has been swift, with near-universal condemnation of these accusations from defenders of Jacki King, including from the President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Adam Greenway, where both Kings are students.

In response to Martin’s criticism, King posted a series of responses, explaining that she did nothing wrong and that his grievances are misguided.

Since my picture and website are circulating through Twitter I thought I should introduce myself and give some context. Hi @RodDMartin I’m Jacki.

I grew up SBC, have been faithful to the SBC, & a huge cheerleader to all God is doing in the Kingdom through cooperation in our faith family. As a young adult I surrendered to ministry and after participating in several women’s events at churches that were marked by topical & surface level speaking, I decided to learn how to teach the Bible faithfully with all its depth and beauty.

I took… all of the classes my brothers in ministry took. Hermeneutics, homiletics, NT & OT, and I fell in love with Systematic Theology. Ever since I’ve championed women to dig deep into the Scriptures.

I study, make an outline, illustrate main points, I exegete passages, but most of all I have the privilege of sharing/preaching/teaching the “good news” of Jesus to women.

I’m not sure if you are wanting to parse ‘evangelion’ on here). I’m not a pastor, don’t want to be a pastor, don’t teach on Sunday& despite repeatedly having to defend myself, you continue to ascribe false, misrepresent me.

Our convention is not in threat bc of faithful women like me. What is concerning is that a brother would take a simple image &twist/distort it for some Twitter fodder. It’s truly grievous, hurtful & flat-out exhausting. I’m praying for u 

Despite the hoards of people giving him grief, Martin insists that his original condemnations are valid, explaining:


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2 thoughts on “SBC Executive Committee Officer Torched by SBC Prez, Others for Calling out ‘Woman Preacher’

  1. Good for Martin for not caving and for quoting the husband’s words back to them.

    And shame on all those virtue-signaling wimps. SJWs are worse than the hypocrites in Matthew 6 – at least the hypocrites actually did something to merit praise!

  2. Dave Miller is doing his usual song and dance: claiming to be conservative and following up with one or more statements revealing him to be otherwise. His virtue-signaling “grieving” causes me mental nausea. And outside the hucksters on the Trinity Broadcast Network, I don’t know if I’ve ever come across someone claiming to be a Christian who lies so much as a way of life. When he says “black pastors,” what he really means is “Godless Left-wing black pastors who want White men to hate themselves and accept the satanic lie of CRT.” I do not believe you can be saved and be okay with CRT in any sense. Whatever happened to the sufficiency of Scripture? Every letter the Apostle Paul wrote was a strenuous effort to correct people from their error(s), but to the movers and shakers in the SBC, those letters might as well not even exist. Dave Miller and his sorry ilk are all Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

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