Church Taking Donations to Pay for Chest Binders and Hormones for Transgender Youth

(Reformation Charlotte) It would really help with clarity if these hell holes would stop calling themselves churches. A church is a local body of believers who meet regularly to worship the one, true, triune God in response to who He is and as He has commanded us to do. Yet, God-hating progressive activist organizations insist on usurping the title of “church” for their own perverted deeds.

One “church” in Arkansas, a gay activist organization called Solomon’s Porch–which should have a sign over its door stating “Warning! It’s Hot in Here” because it’s a little glimpse of Hell–is led by a transgender person named Elijah Walker. Walker says that his church regularly hands out “trans-affirming” accessories like chest binders and clothing, and also pays for hormone treatment for transgender youth.

And Walker is asking for donations to help pay for this garbage.

What should be illegal and considered child abuse by any…

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Editors Note. This article was written by Jeff Maples and published at Reformation Charlotte.

4 thoughts on “Church Taking Donations to Pay for Chest Binders and Hormones for Transgender Youth

  1. Someone should call out the Highland Drive Christian Church in Jonesboro, AR for hosting this garbage…not that we can trust the “disciples of christ” to be biblical.

  2. Eliminate the 501c3 tax exemption and fake organizations that call themselves “churches” will begin to fade away.

  3. Thank you so much for getting the word out there, I’ve been planning to fundraise to support trans youth in Arkansas and I never would have found this without you.

  4. Wow, a church working to advance serious mental illness? Pretty sure this would be more at home in a Satanic church.

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