Not Clickbait! Canadian Father Jailed for Calling his Transitioned Daughter by her Birth name, Birth Pronouns

A father who has spent years fighting for a say in whether or not his daughter undergoes gender-transitions procedures has been jailed for contempt of court after making his name public and showing his face, along with calling his biological daughter “she” and “her” and refusing to use masculine personal pronounces, against the express wishes of a court order.

Taken into custody after a warrant was issued for his arrest, Robert Hoogland will know this morning whether or not he will be free on bail, with his lawyer asking that the arrest warrant be rendered null and void.

In an outrageous example of how far gone the Canadian educational system is, according to the Post Millenial, the child began to have some issues in grade 5 or 6, around the time of her parents’ divorce. Based on her acting out, she began seeing the school counselor. It was during this year that she was shown in school SOGI 123, a radical sexual and gender identity education curriculum. They explain:

The school counsellor changed the child’s name without telling her parents. The school “socially transitioned” the biologically female child on its own initiative, with the input of a gender ideologue psychologist, Dr. Wallace Wong.

When Hoogland accompanied his child to a consultation with Wong, the psychologist advised the pubescent child to take testosterone. Wong referred the child to the endocrinology unit at the local hospital.

On the child’s first visits to the hospital, a treatment plan was put into action. Both the child, and her mother—Hoogland’s ex-wife—signed a consent form which explicitly stated that the “treatment” was experimental. (Robert resisted this, but the Judge took it out of his hands, even though they had equal say in medical decisions.)

A gender identity activist lawyer, Barbara Findley, represented the child in court. The Judge decided that the child’s best interests lay in destroying her long-term health to make her body appear more like that of a male.

Hoogland, in contrast, thinks his daughter’s best interests lie in preserving his child’s health, in case his child ends up among the estimated 85 percent of children who desist in their belief that they are the opposite sex once puberty ends.

He said, ‘Here I am, sitting there as a parent, watching a perfectly healthy child be destroyed, and there’s nothing I can do but sit on the sideline according to Justice Boden at the time. I can only affirm, or get thrown in jail.’

As a result of the father speaking out over what was happening to his daughter, on December 14, 2020 he was given gag order. It was demanded by Justice Mazari’s that Hoogland must fall in line and stop resisting his daughter’s transitioning and told not to call his biological female child his daughter or use her birth pronouns. The order is as follows, in part:

  • “[1] AB, a 14 year old transgender boy, applies for a protection order to restrain his father, CD, from publishing, speaking or giving interviews about this case or about AB’s personal and medical information.
  • “a) CD shall be restrained from: i. attempting to persuade AB to abandon treatment for gender dysphoria; ii. addressing AB by his birth name; and iii. referring to AB as a girl or with female pronouns whether to AB directly or to third parties
  • “b) CD shall not directly, or indirectly through an agent or third party, publish or share information or documentation relating to AB’s sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental or physical health, medical status or therapies.”

Because Robert would not start calling her by male pronouns, would not stop calling her “his daughter” would not stop trying to persuade her to give up the treatments, and would not stop battling to rescue her at 14 years old from these lies and body mutilation, he sits in a Canadian jail.

For more information, see our post here.


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5 thoughts on “Not Clickbait! Canadian Father Jailed for Calling his Transitioned Daughter by her Birth name, Birth Pronouns

  1. This is a abomination. I understand the father going against court orders for his daughter’s good. The state should not have the say in these matters and if they do, that stand should be that no child can take meds or have surgery in a misguided attempt to change sex, even if the parent agrees. Parents have been known to abuse children and this is a form of state-approved child abuse.

  2. God has given people over…Romans 1 world we are living in. There’s no other way to explain the lunacy of what we are seeing. Any sane person would realize that this is not normal.

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