Matt Chandler Denounces America as Demonic, Says Racism Theologically Woven into Foundation

(Reformation Charlotte) Matt Chandler recently joined a host of woke, anti-white racists at the heretical IF Gathering to denounce America as a demonic nation that has racism woven into its very foundation. Among his co-guests was Latasha Morrison, a racist person who once had an entire stadium of white students at a Campus Crusade (CRU) conference stand up and repeat a prayer of “lament” for being white.

During the panel session, Matt Chandler was asked “where do we go from here,” to which he replied:

“I think until we acknowledge that we’re dealing with some principalities and powers…we’re just going to talk. Until there’s a kind of a heartbreak that gets all of us asking the Spirit of God to break this thing that was woven into the foundation of the nation…theologically it was, in regards to the system to the system of structures, it was. In regards to the mindset, it was. So the quick fix here is for the Spirit of God, by the grace of God to destroy this principality and power that sits over us…”

By the way, do you catch how Chandler always culturally appropriates himself when he’s around black people? Did you catch the…

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Jeff Maples and published at Reformation Charlotte.

4 thoughts on “Matt Chandler Denounces America as Demonic, Says Racism Theologically Woven into Foundation

  1. Folks like Chandler can’t help but give themselves away, can they? Can we now expect him to forthwith relocate to a country that will help him assuage his guilt? Don’t think so not when he’s got such a good paying gig.

    1. Agree. All these people saying America is so demonic and racist since it’s founding have no plan to go anywhere else. No one ever asks them if they are planning to move, or why half the world wants to run illegally over our borders.

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