Heretic Kenneth Copeland Laughs At the Media for 34 Seconds Straight. It is Creepy as Heck

During a recent Believers Voice of Victory (BVOV) message, Arch-heretic Kenneth Copeland took a shot at the media who were claiming that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden won the presidency. While Copeland is not wrong that some shady business had gone down with the election results, and that it is certainly not the media who has the power to declare who the president is, the manifestation of Copeland’s objections are straight-up scary, along with the congregation who joined the fray.

The Media said what? Hahahaha. The media said Joe Biden’s President? (Insert 40 seconds of forced laughter/ maniacal machinations)

Kenneth Copeland was recently dropped from Trinity Network after nearly 40 years. Copeland is 83 years old and has a net worth of nearly $800,000,000.

Trinity Network is a hive of scum and villainy where discernment goes to die and sheep butchers merrily go out on daily flock-fleecing expeditions in the name of pursuing the accumulation of filthy lucre. Aptly and not unexpectedly, Steven Furtick at Elevation church is picking up the mantle and taking his place.

3 thoughts on “Heretic Kenneth Copeland Laughs At the Media for 34 Seconds Straight. It is Creepy as Heck

  1. Do you ever wonder if charlatans like Copeland ever realize that they will have to give up every last penny if they’re real gotten fortune? Sometimes I think the guys like this and others like him, including Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn, etc. have to be atheists because how can they think that they’ll get away with their shenanigans while fleecing so many in God’s name. Then again, maybe they’ve sold their souls to Beelzebub.

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