Jerry Falwell Jr. “Likes” Instagram Photo of Half-Naked Model

Jerry Falwell Jr., President of the largest Christian University in the world and professing Christian minister, has been up to no good on his Instagram page, where it was discovered that he “liked” and gave the thumbs up to a nearly naked model in a seductive pose, leading many to wonder what sort of sexual deviancy he’s gotten himself into, and why isn’t he practicing what he preaches.

These shenanigans come just days after it was revealed that he and his family and friends engaged in a ‘Trailer Park Boys’ themed party, where Falwell features prominently with his arms around a strange woman, his and her pants unzipped and underwear showing.

Trailer Park Boys is a raunchy and crass Canadian mockumentary TV Show that aired 106 episodes across 12 seasons. The theatrical film for the show’s actors, Swearnet, set a world record for the most F-words in a feature film, totaling 935. The uncensored show has an 18+ rating in most countries and is known for the copious amounts of sex and, drug use, and cursing.

Watching it, much less having a party about it, is definitely a violation of Liberty’s policies. The exclusive video of the party though can be seen below.

[fvplayer id=”102″]

If that salacious behavior wasn’t bad enough and given cause to raise a few eyebrows, then surely even his most ardent defenders are left speechless at this next revelation of Falwellian sketchiness.

Falwell adds to his obscenities when we discovered that he clicked on the little heart button to “like” a photograph of model Stefanie Guzanski, posing in a seductive, half-naked state. Guzanski is a famous model who frequently uploads nude or nearly nude photographs of herself on social media, and there’s no telling how many others Falwell has ‘hearted” in appreciation.

Why is Falwell doing this? Does he not have better things to do, such as loving and honoring his wife, or being a man his children can look up to and respect?

Or how about this one? One of his students?

Is this the behavior of a supposed Christian and family man- of a husband and father who is the leader and face of a Christian University, or the actions of a scoundrel and a newly-revealed-to-be creeper, engaged in the lusts of the flesh and satisfying the desires of his wicked heart?

We suspect we know the answer.


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