Biden Launches Campaign to Trick Stupid Christians into Voting For Him

In a move to bolster his share of religious voters, the pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, pro-destruction of the family, anti-god, bible-denying, christ-hating presidential nominee Joe Biden has launched a new faith-based outreach called “Believers for Biden.”

The campaign is comprised of “public weekly prayer calls” and will involve other religious events for “religious voters.” It is being led by Democrat Senator and ordained Minister Chris Coons, also a pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, pro-destruction of the family, anti-god, bible-denying, christ-hating politician, in an effort to peel away religious voters from Trump.

Coons has laughably presented Biden as:

A servant leader who sees, understands, and welcomes the breadth and diversity of the American experience, and is personally engaged in pastoring, caring, witnessing to the possibility of reconciliation in our nation.

Deputy political director John McCarthy describes Biden’s identity as “a very devout Catholic and person of deep faith,” which is “baked into the core messaging and core functions of the campaign.”

The Washington Examiner reports that:

Josh Dickson, an evangelical whom the campaign hired in mid-July to start outreach to faith-based voters, framed Biden’s appeal to religious voters in more blunt terms.

“This election is about two visions for this country that are diametrically opposed,” he said. “And we believe that Joe’s vision is rooted in that idea of redemption and restoration.”

Dickson, who left the Republican Party in 2012 to work on then-President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, called the narrative of “redemption” the key to understanding how the Biden campaign can reach a wide-ranging array of people of faith. He added that “leaning into the idea of human flourishing” and creating a “more redemptive, just, restorative society” are ways in which the campaign hopes to present ideas of racial and economic justice to religious voters.

Biden has claimed to be a Christian for decades, presenting himself as a devout Catholic in public statements. Given this, he is the most high-profile Roman Catholic in America, and if the Roman Catholic Church wasn’t such an egregiously cowardly and morally bankrupt institution, the church leadership would have called him out years ago and refused communion and excommunicated him for being an enemy of the church.

By all accounts, Biden’s campaign may succeed with people who are nominally “spiritual” and believe that “there’s some kind of being or force out there in the universe watching over us, maybe,” if that’s what passes for “religious” nowadays, but ought not to appeal to any true believer who has a modicum of biblical sense.