Southwestern Seminary Account Condemns ‘Keyboard Theologians’ for Being ‘Heresy Hunters’

For more evidence that SBC’s academia has lost the plot, one of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Instagram accounts has released a message discerningly chastising the discerning, warning the thinly-veiled pejorative ‘Keyboard Theologians’ that they should not go about being ‘heresy hunters’ by correcting and rebuking bad teaching and doctrine on social media such as Twitter and Facebook- otherwise known as the main hubs of social media where the vast majority of people interact with online.

Instead, they demurely suggest some backward form of lifestyle evangelism, where correction and rebuke should only after you’ve created a bond of friendship and established a good relationship.

“Today’s word is HERESY, which in the Internet age has been the quickest word to throw around by keyboard theologians. Not saying that you DON’T have to stand up for the faith, but usually Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube comments are not the right platforms to go around correcting people’s beliefs (albeit, some are truly baffling…”birds aren’t real” anyone?)

So just a reminder that one should establish the basis of a good relationship first before the rebuking comes. Because without love, it will be like those wind-up monkeys clanging those cymbals.

Alternately, this is a simplistic, childish interpretation of a biblical principle designed to get those who know better to stop being mean to those who don’t, postulating a humble hermeneutic where correcting false teaching and doctrine is relegated to mere ‘heresy hunting’ and having the courage to speak up and say the truth is little more than crashing cymbals and gongs.

2 thoughts on “Southwestern Seminary Account Condemns ‘Keyboard Theologians’ for Being ‘Heresy Hunters’

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