‘Holiness’ Author Jackie Hill Perry Revels in Filthy, Filthy, Filthy TV Show

TGC contributor Jackie Hill Perry, author of the recently released book ‘Holier Than Thou: How God’s Holiness Helps Us Trust Him‘ was found on Twitter ironically promoting and sharing her thoughts on a very unholy TV show which she has seemingly watched all the way through; the adult-rated ‘Ozark.’

This is a show where less than three minutes into the very first episode, a semi-nude man receives oral sex and then starts thrusting into a woman. Three minutes. The first episode. And she kept on watching after that.

Fresh from saying that all white people are Racists, that white people only care about black folk in the womb, and renouncing anti-prosperity gospel’ film in order to embrace woo-woo theology, she’s not the first TGC to show their hypocrisy. Brett McCracken, Senior Editor and Director of Communications at The Gospel Coalition explained that he watches TV shows with graphic sex scenes to be better at evangelizing.

Because make no mistake, Ozark is a filthy, filthy, filthy show. Not only is there tons of cursing, between 20-50 F-bombs an episode along with various other 4 letter words, and a fair amount of violence, the show is rife with sex scenes galore, including many graphic homosexual ones, resulting in it being rated 18+ in many countries

As per IMBD, some of the more egregious content includes: (warning, graphic descriptions ahead)

  • …Brief nudity shown by an older woman during a short sex scene with a much younger man. As well as another casual sex scene with an unclothed couple (no nudity, covered by sheets).
  • An email with an amateur porn video is sent and opened in one scene. The webcam video details sexual actions of a man and a woman from the back with only the buttocks shown. It is shown twice. The video is discussed between two men later on. It is played in multiple episodes. A man masturbates in his car and fantasizes about a prostitute giving him oral sex.
  • A pregnant woman is seen pole dancing at a nightclub. Her breasts are clearly visible.
  • An old man is walking down to the water naked, only his backside is shown with a towel covering the front. A nude poster is seen on the wall next to a door. A topless girl is seen in a bar. A homosexual oral sex scene takes place in a motel room, a man giving another man a blowjob and you hear him gargle and choke when the man ejaculates in the other guy’s mouth. No visible nudity.
  • A stripper has sex with a man in a private room until a woman interrupts them, she can briefly be seen nude.
  • A stripper is hired to seduce a man into having sex with her. She walks in and the stripper is wearing a strap on and the man is sucking on it. The man also appears to be wearing a bra and panties. A woman takes a video of this. She then shows it to the man’s wife.
  • An elderly couple has sex in a darkly lit room. We see them thrusting and then we hear them orgasm and moan. We also see the woman’s breasts, but the man’s nudity is not seen by viewers.
  • A man is seen masturbating while he’s listening to a dead man’s voice. A man and woman have sex in the bathroom of a bar, there is thrusting, moaning, and male rear nudity and female rear nudity but they are clothed.

It makes you wonder why Jackie Hill Perry- pushed by BigEva as a mature Christian thought leader and who speaks of the need to be holy and guard one’s thought life and against sexual sin, thought this show was something that needed watching. Was the plot really that good? That captivating? Why not turn it off three minutes in, knowing that if that can happen so early, there’s likely going to be a lot more?

And then have the temerity to publicly admit it, like it’s not a big deal that you’re watching naked people have sex on film as part of your entertainment proclivities. Like there aren’t a million other pieces of edifying media that you could be watching instead that don’t have men graphically giving each other oral sex or multiple scenes that take place in a strip club. Sad and disgraceful, but not unexpected.

Bonus content: looks like KJH likes the show too.


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11 thoughts on “‘Holiness’ Author Jackie Hill Perry Revels in Filthy, Filthy, Filthy TV Show

  1. I never understood how people who claim to be Christians could watch filth like that and shows such as The Game of Thrones. It’s one thing to fall into temptation, but to walk into head on–that’s a problem.

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  2. I think everyone can admit to watching television or a movie when an inappropriate scene comes into view, taking one by surprise. I believe it’s the individual’s response in the immediate moment that follows that speaks towards their spiritual maturity. I don’t suggest that I’m without planks in my eye, but when caught off guard by scenes like those, intentionally comes into play… do you intentionally ignore the conviction to continue watching, or do you intentionally turn the programming off, or leave the theater. The world sees the actions of a lukewarm Believer, and without thinking, they set the example that Christ is okay when Scripture tells us loudly, quite the opposite. Do not conform to this world.

      1. Actually, you can research the movie or show before you ever watch it. Common Sense Media will inform you of every curse word and/or sexual scene or nudity in the show. How can Christians in this day and age not know that? Shame on whoever is supposedly “surprised” by the sudden and unexpected immoral content of a movie/show.

  3. Fresh water and unclean water don’t flow from the same well. A tree is known by its fruit. An individual who revels in this sort of content reveals more about the condition of their soul than they realize.

  4. I agree this program and the endorsement by Jackie Hill Perry are disgusting. However, I think we could have done without the lengthy and sordid details. We get the idea.

  5. I was on a church staffs for many years and now serve with a mission organization. I’m trying to say that I have a lot of past and present connections to ministerial staff members. Get to know the staff at your church. Most are watching the same shows and filthy movies that the world watches. Look at their houses, their kids, their electronics, their vacations, their lifestyle — in many cases, you’ll be disturbed that your church staff looks just like the world.

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