Op-Ed: Thank God For Clarity

Proverbs 21:15 “When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.”

The amount of babies murdered in this country alone is enough to make the Holocaust blush. Over 63 million have been killed (that have been reported) since the Supreme Court decision in 1973, and that is solely with surgical abortions. It does not include the aborton pill, abortifacient birth control, or IVF.

While the Republican Party is not a Christian party, a single read-through of Romans 1 and Exodus 20:13 “You shall not murder” and it’s immediately clear that believers have no business voting Democrat. However, many “Christian” leaders in recent years have sought to obfuscate how believers vote. It’s a slick tactic, usually elevating charity to the poor and other such social/economic issues while still claiming abortion is still of course, wrong. It’s designed to confuse. It’s designed to blur the firewall of Christians NOT voting Democrat.

Does anyone remember several years back Mark Dever underhandedly musing about “white Christians” being “one-issue” voters? “I think white Christians think this is the only moral way to approach voting. I think they’ve never thought of any other thing…generally…I’m not gonna say one issue voting is illegitimate…but I think a lot of white Evangelicals assume that’s the only morally legitimate position to be argued to have moral legitimacy, and I’d certainly like to question that.”

On January 17th, 2021, John Macarthur gave a uniquely memorable sermon from the Grace Community Pulpit. In it, he summarized the persecution they’d received in the past year over Grace Community’s obedience to God by staying open despite the pandemic. He discussed the lawsuit, the fines levied by the government, spoke about the Lord growing Grace Church, as well as many of the wonderful ways the Lord blessed and worked through the church. However, one particular statement Macarthur made particularly stood out”

“As I look at this, as I mentioned earlier, I love the clarity that has arisen. You know we had for decades people trying to create a cultural Christianity that could appeal to non-believers. It was accepting of immorality, accepting of homosexulaity, accepting of racial hatred. There was a kind of superficial, shallow Christianity, that watered down the Gospel, didn’t talk about sin, tried to have a positive message…it was very successful. And I get it, because I fought that battle, well, for almost all the time I’ve been here. There has always been, seemingly in my mind, a superficial, shallow, false form of Christianity. One of the things that’s just driven me through these years is to call the people who say their Christians to act like Christians, to follow the Word of God…But it was a tough call. Why? Because superficial Christianity made a lot of money…It was very hard to call people to faithfulness when you could be so corrupt and so successful in Christian religion…Now I think there’s a sifting and a shifting. First of all, phonies are gonna have a hard time hiding with the internet…”

Much like the emergence of the novel coronavirus, the apparent decision on Roe V. Wade is a massive event in American history. It is providing clarity for those believers paying attention.

What side is Tim Keller on? He couldn’t have had worse timing in his asinine Twitter thread on politics and abortion. “The Bible tells me that abortion is a sin and great evil, but it doesn’t tell me the best way to decrease or end abortion in this country, nor which policies are most effective.”

Well, banning it would be a logical start. Or in this case, electing presidents who appoint pro-life supreme court justices. That seems surprisingly effective. While Tim Keller let his mouth run this week about politics, it’s telling that he hasn’t said a word about the ruling. After all, he did agree that “abortion is a sin and great evil.” Seems reasonable that a supposed Christian pastor and intellectual juggernaut who was just talking about abortion might chime in after the Supreme Court ruled against enforcing infant murder?


Russell Moore? He wrote an article on Christianity Today that chose to focus on the “loss of trust” in American institutions over the leak. In the words of Chris Rosebrough, “I feel like I’m having a heart attack from being so not surprised.” While Moore is the lowest hanging fruit possible, whose very existence screams of effeminacy, he’s the perfect example of the exposing of progressives provided by the Roe v. Wade decision.

Another prominent member of Big Eva, Karen Swallow Prior said on Twitter that voting for Trump wasn’t worth the ending of child murder:

The point is Roe vs Wade being struck down is providing clarity that many prominent leaders do not hold tight to Biblical principles. The ones listed above should come as no surprise, but it’s a litmus test for the less obvious ones. Proverbs 21:15 says, “When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” If God’s Word was held near and dear to these people, wouldn’t they be shouting about it from the rooftops? Wouldn’t they at least have something positive to say without a “but” or a caveat?

The fact that this is not the case, says a great deal. No response is a response. Examine the leaders of today, not just in Big Eva but across the board because this is by no means an exhaustive list. It certainly appears this event is causing more sifting and exposing.

Editor’s Note. This article was written by Brad Schoolfield for Protestia

3 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Thank God For Clarity

  1. One interesting thing that most may not know about the state of California’s persecution of Grace Church is that the night before the state health officials were going to have to give depositions, California caved and gave Grace Church every single thing they wanted including the agreement to leave the church alone. California didn’t want the state health officials answering questions under oath.

  2. You are supposed to be “nice” doormats like Ned Flanders and ignore how they shut down churches at gunpoint and forcibly injected millions with the clotshot. This was called “loving your neighbor” lol

  3. “The Bible tells me that racism/homophobia/transphobia is a sin and great evil, but it doesn’t tell me the best way to decrease or end abortion in this country, nor which policies are most effective.”

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