Louisiana Brings Bill Foward Classifying Abortion as Homicide+ Criminalizing IVF and Some Birth Control

Saying that they “cannot wait for the Supreme Court”, Lousiana lawmakers have advanced a historic bill that would not only criminalize abortion, but classify it as a homicide. Further, it would criminalize In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) and abortifacient birth control.

Louisiana State Representative Danny McCormick introduced the bill, HB813 or the “Abolition of Abortion in
Louisiana Act of 2022″ in March, and a committee voted 7-2 to approve it. It now moves to the state’s full House of Representatives for consideration. According to Free the States:

It amends the Louisiana homicide codes to define “unborn child” as “an individual human being from fertilization until birth,” and “person” as “a human being from the moment of fertilization.” These redefinitions would classify abortion as homicide by including preborn children among those protected by the laws against murder.

The bill then establishes that this classification of abortion as murder shall be enforced by the State regardless of any federal violation of the right to life: “Any federal statute, regulation, treaty, executive order, or court ruling that purports to supersede, stay, or overrule this Section shall be in violation of the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Louisiana and is therefore void.”

HB813 also deals with Louisiana State judges which violate the right to life by establishing that they are subject to impeachment: “Pursuant to the powers granted to the Legislature by Article X, Part III, of the Constitution of Louisiana, any judge of this state who purports to enjoin, stay, overrule, or void any provision of this Section shall be subject to impeachment or removal.”

Rep. McCormick said of his bill:

“If more than 15 states can defy the federal government over marijuana, we can do it to save the lives of innocent babies. We cannot wait on the Supreme Court to confirm that innocent babies have the right to life in Louisiana.”

This is historic, in that it is the first true abolition bill to pass committee in any state in the nation so far.

The next step toward abortion being abolished in LA is the bill being heard and passed on the House floor.

Accordingly, please call and email LA House Speaker Clay Schexnayder and Speaker Pro Tem Tanner Magee respectfully requesting that they hear and vote in favor of the HB813, the Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act.

Clay Schexnayder:
(225) 473-6016

Tanner Magee
(985) 858-2970

4 thoughts on “Louisiana Brings Bill Foward Classifying Abortion as Homicide+ Criminalizing IVF and Some Birth Control

    1. They’re saying that IVF and other forms of birth control deserve the same punishment as getting an abortion. They’re equating a women’s right to choose how to prevent pregnancy. They’re trying to force all women to be without birth control by criminalizing it and classifying abortion as a homicide.

    2. Hi, Susan. invitro fertilization is risky, in that it requires a number of eggs to be “fertilized” some of which become frozen embryos, some of which are implanted in the uterus, and some of which are destroyed. There is a legitimate ethical objection to IVF. All the best,
      Spencer T.

  1. >> “sorry fundies but Romans 13 only applies to shutting down churches and forcing you to take the clotshot at bayonet point”

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