Op-Ed: Your Options As A Christian or Patriot for Vaccine Passports (a Hot-Take)

A longer sermon will be preached on this topic, looking at (A) Biblical examples of “Holy Misdirection” God blessed or commanded and (B) examples from Christian history showing Holy Misdirection as an accepted norm, but the following is JD’s “hot-take,” taken from his Facebook page and used as an op-ed (read more about that upcoming sermon here).

[Editor’s Note: JD Hall, Publisher Gideon Knox Group, Protestia]

On Biden’s mandatory vaccine/testing mandates for “large” employers (covering 80 million Americans)…To be clear, this covers all federal employees, state employees, school districts, military personnel, and over half of employed Americans. Here are thoughts off the top:

1. It *will be* overturned by the Supreme Court, 100% odds. Requiring drug usage is not a power enumerated to the government in the U.S. Constitution. Biden is hoping the corporatocracy acts *before* the mandate reaches the court. Chances are (LISTEN TO ME) your employer will MOVE QUICkLY to implement his order.

2. It will be too late. Companies will begin to enforce this *before* the court rules.

3. Three ethical and godly options are available if you’re in this 80 million.

A) Be fired (DO NOT QUIT) so you can get in on class action lawsuits filed against your employer after the Supreme Court rules, for violating your civil rights.

B )Use fake vaccination papers. As Doug Wilson says, “only use genuine fake vaccine papers.” These are available online.

C) Get a fake vaccine by physicians willing to protect you from untested drugs. There are LOTS of doctors who will give you a “vaccine” to uphold their oath to “do no harm.”Both ( B) and (C) are acceptable under the biblical Christian ethic, of which I’ve said much and there is more to be said. Many biblical examples exist of righteous misdirection, including the Egyptian Midwives, Ehud’s “present,” Jael’s “hospitality,” and Rahab’s deceptions (mirroring that of people lying to Nazis while harboring Jews in their closets).

(4) We – the “conspiracy theorists” – warned you forced vaccinations was coming from DAY ONE. We were called “crazy, unhinged, tinfoil hatted,” etc for suggesting this was the left’s goal. There’s a lot of people who owe a lot of apologies.5) It is apparent the rushed (if not illegal) redefinition of Emergency Use Authorizations, it’s unconventional (if not illegal) designation of UAEs as “approved” by the FDA, and the CDC’s refusal to endorse any “treatments” used by frontline doctors (so as to allow the UAE’s to continue) show these organizations are not independent of the Biden Cabal. It’s collusion. Biden recently calling this a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” made the order predictable. Finally, *there is no sin in disobeying an unconstitutional order.* Not only is forced drugging unconstitutional, ***this is a violation of the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause by exempting “small” businesses but not large ones.***Meanwhile, several things:

A) ALL Christians/Patriots should be looking toward entrepreneurship, contracting, and self-employment for themselves and your kids. If you’re pushing your kids towards employment in the system (the “machine”) and not employment independence, you are not foreword thinking.

B ) Those federal mandate runs afoul of state law (like MT HB702). States now need to flex their power of federal nullification NOW. States must NOT submit to the feds on this or any other issue, except in our *actual* adherence to the U.S. Constitution. We are now back to 1840; state laws are supreme over federal laws.

C) Unions are pro-government, not pro-labor. Stop funding them with your paychecks and fight for right-to-work laws.


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17 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Your Options As A Christian or Patriot for Vaccine Passports (a Hot-Take)

  1. Great article with suggestions critical to the freedom and independence of any God-fearing, Constitution-respecting American. This illegitimate, godless, totalitarian administration is unquestionably one of the greatest threats our nation has ever faced.

    1. How can this administration be a great threat to the nation? Didn’t you read the article? mUh CoNstITuTiOn will protect us. Injecting us with who knows what isn’t an ‘enumerated power’, so the SuPrEmE cOUrT will absolutely overturn this. “100% odds”—a direct quote. Rest easy, son, the Republic is safe. /sarc

  2. Entrepreneurship, contracting, and self-employment are the way to go, but you have to be careful with that also. If you’re a baker, for example.

  3. I’ve been really appreciating how many small businesses making quality American products there actually are. I’ve bought at least five products in the last few weeks that were american made, all with lifetime warranties, and three of which were less expensive, and two of which were the brand leader with no other real contender.

    Seems big retail is doing a disservice to Americans by not stocking all these american products – which I can find by looking more.

    1. I am also one who would rather have american made products. Having said that; I have been aware for yrs that I must truly research the company even if it states its products are only USA made . Many companies do assemble the product in the states but that is after they have had the product made in china and shipped back here. I watched this documentary yrs ago whereas the producers found couples willing to empty their house of everything . I mean every single thing! Then, they were tasked at replacing every thing removed with only American made. Long story short; it wasnt possible! America sold her soul to china. China has sold us cheap worthless crap for decades and I do not see that ever changing because “the love of money is the root of all evil” . Businesses want as much profit as possible . Morals dont exist in this godless country. We live in a china made throw away society. I have found that this really bothers people like me( a baby boomer who remembers the USA stamp on things) but it seems to concern the millennials and gen z’s very little. China had a 100 yr plan. They were invited in and they crept in like a serpent on their belly. Slowly but surely they gained power and sold us goods that are poisonous, dangerous, and throw away. USA has sold her soul to the devil in every conceivable way possible!

  4. Today Former President George W. Bush compared you anti-vaxx resisters to the 911 terrorists. If you won’t listen to a TRUE EVANGELICAL leader like President Bush, then what else can I tell you?

    OK, how about this: The State of Israel is asking ALL of us to take the vaccine. Will you betray Israel now? Do you hate your neighbors that much to betray America’s bestest friend in all the world?

    1. How many times must this be explained to you reprobates? If the “vaccine” works, then those who take it have nothing to worry about, and those who haven’t have made their decision and will live with it. If the “vaccine” doesn’t work, then it’s irrelevant whether you take it or not.

      Therefore, the decision whether or not to take it can only affect oneself and nobody else.

        1. The vast majority of Israelis have taken the “vaccine” and their hospitals are overrun with covid patients. Their number of daily cases is the highest it’s ever been. Daily deaths are following right behind, increasing at similar rate.

          If there’s one example on the planet that shows the so-called “vaccine” does little to nothing whatsoever, except kill and maim many who take it, that example is Israel.

      1. Ben, the best thing to do with delusioned people like Johnny is to just ignore them. His life is obviously so miserable that he feeds on hate. Don’t feed him.

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