JD Hall Being Sued Over ‘Transphobic’ Comments

This article was published on Montana Daily Gazette. It has a bit of “insider baseball” specific to Montana, but the gist of it is plain.

Raph Graybill (D) lost to Republican (R) Austin Knudsen in the state of Montana by 16 points in the general election. One would think that with tail tucked firmly between his legs, that he would be hiding beneath a rock, licking his wounds. But apparently, he’s busy suing the state he once ran to serve, as last week he filed lawsuits to oppose legislation that legislators passed and the governor signed to defend the lives of the unborn.

One would also think a 16 point loss would encourage Graybill to posture to the right if he hopes for public service. But not only is Graybill supporting easily the least popular infanticidal maniacs in Montana, Planned “Butcherhood,” he’s now suing Jordan Hall – of the Gideon Knox Group, publisher of Montana Daily Gazette – for what his client calls “Transphobia.”

As we have explained before, this publication is Christian-owned, and we strive to tell truthful news. That means we refer to men as men and women as women. This falls under the Freedom of the Press, the Freedom of Speech, and the Freedom of Religion (albeit you don’t need religion to argue that gender is not subject to your imagination).

Gideon Knox Group is being sued by Adrian Jawort, a man who pretends to be a woman, and is a registered lobbyist and public figure who wanders the state capitol bothering Republican legislators. Reported by legislators to Montana Daily Gazette, Jawort and his fellow “two-spirit” (American Indian crossdressers) caused several scenes that day, including those written about in the article, Who’s the Gothic Transvestite Haunting the Halls of the Montana Capitol?

Hall reached out to Jawort, asking him if he would like to comment before publishing the story, and he refused. He later put up a Go Fund Me to sue Hall for “transphobic hate speech” in Richland County District Court.

The Go-Fund Me Account, giving Jawort’s reason for suing Hall

Embarrassingly, Jawart raised $410 in the long course of a month. He indeed did sue our publication, according to court documents, however, not for “transphobia” but “libel” (transphobia – or correctly noting peoples’ genders – is not a crime and neither is it tort in the state). Of course, we stand by our claims in the article as to being the most factual truth available to us at the time. Hall reached out to Mr. Jawart for comment on the article before publication, but he refused.

Jawart sued Gideon Knox Group, Hall’s LLC, in a long, lengthy, and barely coherent, self-written complaint. Hall immediately retained former legislator, Matthew Monforton, as his own legal counsel. To pay Monforton’s fees, Hall reached out to his many supporters and in a single email raised more than ten thousand dollars for his legal defense. The Gideon Knox Group never has, and never will, cower to pressure from the LGBTQ mafia. In coming days, because of information in the paragraph below, Hall will raise three to five times that to ensure that the press is not picked on by public figures who get their feelings hurt by truthful comments.

However, today, Gideon Knox Group received notice that Jawart had retained failed attorney general candidate, Raph Graybill, as his legal counsel along with Upper Seven Law, a non-profit law firm dedicated – according to its website – to “advancing social justice.” Its two attorneys previously served as clerks to justices on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the most liberal appellate court in the United States. The group, Upper Seven Law, is a new firm filed in Montana in February of 2021. It is currently unknown how or from whom they receive their funding.

Graybill is seen by some a shining hope for the future of the Democratic Party in Montana, and he appears ready to prove to his lingering base that he will sue the state’s most stalwart conservatives, whether Attorney General Austin Knudsen or Eastern Montana’a Pastor Jordan Hall.

Hall was asked by our MDG reporter about Graybill’s involvement and responded simply, “Bring it on, I guess. I don’t know what to tell you. That’s what lawyers and juries are for.”

After a moment of thought, Hall added, “Graybill is apparently aiming to be some kind of Montana Democrat folk hero, suing on behalf of the LGBTQ and Planned Parenthood. If it’s true that a man is known by his enemies, I send Graybill the kindest regards for the good it does to my reputation.”

“Also,” Hall added, “Graybill is considered the best the Democratic Party has to offer in Montana. If necessary, twelve jurors in Richland County will prove to him that’s not quite good enough.”

Hall ended with, “Graybill lost by landslide proportions because Montanans wanted an Attorney General who would fight FOR our rights instead of AGAINST them. I cannot imagine a better opponent for the Lord to teach a lesson.”

If you would like to give to Hall’s legal defense, please send a check to 2181 W. Holly St, Sidney MT 59270, written out to Gideon Knox Group.


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4 thoughts on “JD Hall Being Sued Over ‘Transphobic’ Comments

  1. Ha, he couldn’t sue for slander because that would require a lie, and there was no lie. He’s the one who’s lying and living an egregious lie.

  2. How dare you refer to a man as a man! I identify as a Cocker Spaniel – call me a man and I’ll sue you, too! Woof!
    (insert tiny flags here denoting I am mentally ill)

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