Op-Ed: Pithy Sayings From JD’s Facebook Page, From Early July

A collection of brief things our publisher posted on his Facebook page this week, bringing you some hard truths and prescient insights in the pithiest of forms.

“Please rest assured that for every backyard firework shot tonight, for every sparkler lit and bottle-rocket fired to celebrate American Independence, it is indicative of another reality. There are 300 million firearms in America owned by the citizenry alone. Behind every blade of grass, stored away in pantries, closets and glove boxes, are loaded, zeroed-in, and chambered tools of liberty and tyrant hole-punches with powder that yet remains dry.

THAT is why we can shoot honkey lighters, dispsy daisers, and whistling kitty chasers. Remember that when you see the lights tonight. It’s not just a celebration; it is a warning to tyrants that these are toys, and might you never have cause to see the arsenal we hide from view.

The real stuff – not the toys – is awaiting patiently for the God-forsaken day that we must use it against any enemies, foreign or domestic. And when that day comes, no army can stop 300 million armed ‘Muricans.

“And thus be it ever when freemen shall stand, between their lov’d home and the war’s desolation!…And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”


“In a Montana drought, as the cattle are near to perishing and the grass scorched, in which any spark can set the world ablaze, ranchers do not complain about in what form comes the moisture.

Rain? Thunderstorm? Sleet? Snow? Fog? Mist? Dew? Chinook? Doesn’t matter, as the locals say, “Moisture’s moisture” and you thank God for it.

Well, in a land where there is a drought of truth, truth-thirsty people do not gripe about in what form comes the truth. Sarcasm? Snark? Satire? Breaches of polite decorum? Bluntness? Lacking diplomacy? Missing tact? Brutal honesty?

“That’s not a very nice way to phrase it” is not an argument; it’s a red herring designed to distract from that which they disagree (or to distract themselves from their guilt for lacking the courage to say it themselves).

When people say, “It’s not what you said, but how you said it,” it’s almost always (in my experience) a lie.

Ask them “How do you say what I said, but in a wiser and more diplomatic way? Tell me how you say it.” You’ll discover 99 times out of 100 they have never made such a stance at all. This betrays their admonition (above) as dishonest. It was the substance, and NOT the style that offended them.

In other words, they rebuke your truth with a lie of their own.

My response is, “I do not take advice from men on how to speak up more diplomatically from men who do not speak up at all.”


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