Fire! Arsonists Attack Pastor Artur’s Home While Children Sleep Nearby

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, one of the Canadian pastors arrested for defying lockdown orders and whose church was shut down and locked tight by the government of Alberta had his garage set on fire by an arsonist Friday night, all while his children slept inside the nearby home.

Pawlowski, made famous for kicking the police of of his church while screaming at them “Get out Nazi Gestapo!” recounted the incident to Rebel News.

“Around 11-11:30 p.m, my wife she hears some commotions. And firefighters I mean so many cars and police. And first we thought ‘okay maybe they’re coming for me in the middle of the night.’ But no, they actually came to put the fire down. So my wife comes out, I joined her, and we see this big smoke coming and I thought ‘oh neighbor’s house is on fire’

So we went around and behold it’s our house, it’s our garage that is on I had to kind of keep moving a little bit closer and closer and closer until I was able to at least record a little bit of the of the craziness. So someone set our property on fire. Someone wants us dead.

..They want me dead and they want my children that I mean this is this is this is shocking…

Someone put fire into a blue bin that was with cardboard and that’s how the fire started. They pushed the bin to the door, the wooden door of the garage and the whole garage started to burn. So that’s how it was done.

But they don’t know who did it, of course. they don’t know what caused (it) there was a lighter or just someone holding the lighter and putting the bin on fire. You know, no one knows. Only god knows at this moment how was that and the villain.”

Continue to pray for the Artur and his family.

3 thoughts on “Fire! Arsonists Attack Pastor Artur’s Home While Children Sleep Nearby

  1. I’ve been assured there is no Christian persecution in Canada.

    Must have been spontaneous combustion!

  2. The only way you can silence a zealous man of GOD is to kill him !…. Maybe those days are not too far away for some of us………………………..

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