White PCA Pastor/TGC Contributor Doesn’t Understand ‘How my Black Friends Can Love Me’

A pastor who runs ministries for the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) explained in a recently unearthed video that he doesn’t understand how his black friends can still love him as a white person, given how much pain, suffering, and anger the white race has caused them.

Randy Nabors coordinates the PCA’s Urban and Mercy Ministries for the Mission to North America, as well as the New City Network. He is also the pastor emeritus at New City Fellowship, which is a “cross-cultural ministry, attempting to live out the power of the Gospel especially in reconciliation and justice. It has focused on ministries of evangelism, mercy, economic development, indigenous leadership, and the radicalization of the middle class into justice discipleship. “

With critical race theory coursing through his veins, he explains during the 2018 Greater Love panel put on by Perimeter Church, choking up and voice cracking as he laments:

I live with a black woman who is angry at white people. And she…it’s hard for me to say this without being emotional...I feel her pain sometimes, and the black people in my life that I have come to love, they’re angry and they hurt deeply, and I don’t understand how they can love me.

And it’s interesting because I’ve met Christians who are native American. They hate white people, and they love me. And I’ve met Africans who hate colonialists, and they love me. But the pain, the suffering is real to them. And as a white person, one way to approach it would be don’t bring it up. Don’t mention it. Don’t make me feel bad. But that’s not the way the relationships have worked.

My wife loves me, thank God. But she in many ways feels the suffering of her people, and I’m really thankful that she does, because she’s not buried her head in the sand, she’s not tried to deny it. But the gospel, the grace of God has enabled her to love white people as individuals. And I think that’s healthy. Because history hurts. People have suffered.

H/T to @wokepreachertv for the clip.


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5 thoughts on “White PCA Pastor/TGC Contributor Doesn’t Understand ‘How my Black Friends Can Love Me’

  1. God speaks on the subject of individuals claiming to be Christians, yet hating someone. It seems lately, hating “white” people simply for their skin color is the cool thing to do. Such a pity that no one ever learns from history as to prevent it from being repeated. Also, such a shame that these people call themselves Christians and bring reproach on the name of God.

    This describes what unbelieving, unrepentant sinners say:
    “And it’s interesting because I’ve met Christians who are native American. They hate white people, and they love me. And I’ve met Africans who hate colonialists, and they love me”

    Here is what God says to these individuals:

    1 John 3:15 – Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.

    1 John 4:20 – If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.

  2. What is so utterly unbelievable is the fact that these idiotic claims of white-on-black racism are founded almost entirely on black felons being injured/killed while resisting arrest by law enforcement officers.
    As the black community has all but abandoned what few churches remain faithful to the Gospel, their role models/martyrs have lately become serial felons, drug abusers, thieves, and thugs. Sad and pathetic.

  3. Let’s see… I’m a “white” man but my history with “black” people started when I was 8 years old in a YMCA boys shower room where three older black youth blocked the exit and told a younger one to beat me up because I was “white”, which he did.

    As life continued into my teens, I witnessed three car-jackings, two attempted car-jackings of my own car, a home-invasion robbery of our family home, my brother’s best friend was murdered while delivering a pizza, and two people I knew were raped. All of the perps were black in all of these incidents. I then witnessed 7 black assailants murder another black man by bludgeoning him to death with 2x4s.

    Beyond all of the violent crime, I personally witnessed lots of theft, robbery and shoplifting which was almost exclusively committed by black people in full view of those around them.

    According to the narrative of this preacher, this would mean that I should legitimately hate all black people? This is exactly why we are supposed to evaluate people as INDIVIDUALS!

    Of course the biblical instructions involving hate are the most pertinent considerations.

  4. There is no Scriptural basis for non-whites to hate Whites, any more than there is one for Whites to hate non-whites. Yes, some Whites in the past have done bad things to some non-whites in the past, but Whites have also done some pretty terrific things for non-whites, and some non-whites have done some pretty horrific things to Whites and continue to do so. No race gets to claim moral superiority, or a corner of the market on victimhood. That’s just a sinful attempt to manipulate others, which God hates.

    White people who do what this dubious Christian did are no different from the self-flagellating crowd who would walk down the street whipping their backs hundreds of years ago. I bet they never whipped themselves when no one could see; only in public. God’s not impressed with self-hatred.

    People like him and Dave Miller and Dwight McKissic are trespassers on Christian turf, and they keep alive the racial tensions which divide people.

  5. What I want to know is, why do all these people with more melanin in their skin, keep wanting to live in the country founded and established by those that have less and came from western Europe and established a Protestant Christian foundation, although it’s pretty much all but been abandoned.

    Ever wonder what America would’ve been like if it had been established as a Roman Catholic country? Seems to me it’d be a lot like Columbia or any central American country or Mexico as corrupt as could be.

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