Op-Ed. Character Matters, and Being Pro-Choice is a ‘Character Issue’

As a cacophony of regret rains down from the clouds of social media by Christian leaders bemoaning the events at Capitol hill, rending their garments and dusting their heads with the ash of “like buttons” while saying “We told you so! This is what you get when you voted Trump in office. We tried to tell you,” one common refrain is echoing far above the rest: that this terrible event shows once and for all why “character matters” when it comes to who we select as our political leaders.

Two brief tweets exemplify this best:

If it is true that we cannot separate policies from the character when it comes to the President, as everyone has been clamoring about and saying for years, does the same hold true for the Democrats and their political candidates?

And here is the point: Being pro-choice is a character issue.

Believing it is morally acceptable, if not morally virtuous to dismember, poison, and gas a million babies a year in the womb in the name of women’s rights, and that laws should be passed entrenching that right into the fabric of society, is a “character issue.”

Believing that children as young as 4 years old should start hormone treatment and puberty blockers because they say they are a different gender, and so they are chemically castrated while Peppa Pig is their favorite TV show and they’re still wetting the bed – that’s a “character issue.”

Why is someone who is outwardly kind yet has poisonous policies more worthy of a vote or of respect than one who is outwardly an ogre but has gracious, life-giving policies?

Why is the scumbag who wants to save babies of lesser character than the soft-spoken sweetheart who wants to see their heads sliced off and the fetal brain tissue and liver/thymus pair sold to Planned Parenthood for $1600 a pop?

Why is the jerk who wants to keep men and women’s washrooms separate of lesser character than the delightful darling who would give men free rein to enter women’s washrooms as they please – punishing and penalizing anyone who fights against their notions of equality?

Why does character only matter not in the ideas being advanced, but rather in the way they are said, as if kind eyes and a measured personality can cancel out the foul blasphemies and depraved notions coming out of that friendly smiling face?

With the Democrats about to hold all the power in Washington and free to pass whatever mephistophelian laws that emerge from the wellspring of their polluted hearts, we’re about to see a whole lot of character all right.

And then we’ll see how much it matters.

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