A Note from JD Hall: Goodbye, 4,830 Facebook Friends

Soooo… Facebook shut down my main account for good.

Goodbye, 4,830 FB friends.

For the record, my offenses were:

1. I gave my own personal COVID recovery testimony, relating how it made me feel (which is “misinformation” somehow).

2. I said an innocent-until-proven-guilty young man with the initials KJR did nothing wrong.

3. I called Bruce Jenner a man.

These are my three strikes over the last year (or so).

That’s all it takes to be banished from the Public Marketplace of Ideas under a system of ideological fascism…subjective opinions and objective truths.

Welcome to the dystopian present, fellow travelers.

So that’s the bad news. But the good news is this:

2020 has been the biggest news year of our lifetime, and much has come to light this year that would have remained hidden without our work in discernment and reporting.

Yes, the nation and its churches are, for the most part, following a tragic downgrade. But this year solid Christians and conservatives in this country have gained resolve and clarity.

In the dark, a light shines brighter and gains more notice. Lately, the elites have made that job particularly easy. The events of 2020 have completely unmasked the foul motives and methods of the Evangelical Intelligentsia. Not many thoughtful Christians now doubt the reality of the downgrade.

The split is upon us—and not a moment too soon.

In light of Russell Moore and the ERLC siding against the church (and for oppressive lockdowns), and in light of Albert Mohler being exposed now by multiple insiders (for instance, by one of his own trustees) as a duplicitous politician and enabler of the theological downgrade, the jig is up!

The soft-handed man-pleasers heading the Southern Baptist Convention (and other formerly conservative denominations) will no longer be able to pretend all will be well with them at the wheel.

It was discernment ministries like Pulpit & Pen (Now, Protestia) that made this kind of clarity possible.

Discernment ministries shape the range of public conversation and provide openings so that whistleblowing insiders can finally speak and be noticed.

We make sacrifices to accomplish such things. We do it because we believe it is the right thing to do. And frankly, we cannot do it alone.

We intend to do everything we can against the tide of big tech censorship. We will continue doing the work. But in order to continue getting our reporting to a wide audience, we need your help.

Would you consider making a special year-end donation so that we can go strong into the start of 2021? Your one-time gift will allow us to continue competing in a marketplace that is becoming less and less friendly to the truth.

Your donation will help us to expand discernment into the realms where it is needed most. Please consider donating to our ministry after having supported your local church.

There are two main ways to donate:

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Thank you for your generous support and for helping Protestia continue the work of polemics.


Enjoy our content? GREAT! Unfortunately, ad revenue for truth-telling websites has been severely hampered by censorship and de-platforming. This ministry isn't free to run, and finding people willing to support polemical theology is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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7 thoughts on “A Note from JD Hall: Goodbye, 4,830 Facebook Friends

  1. Please just keep this website going for as long as you can. I was on Facebook for several years, closed my account 8 months ago. By now I most likely would have been thrown off anyway. It was difficult to do because I lost contact with part of my family and many friends. However, still I think it was the best thing for me to do.

  2. In the end, they did you a favor. I cancelled my personal and business FB membership (finalizes the 28th of this month) as I could not in good conscience give these godless commie-wannabes another penny’s worth of business. I’ll make money in ways that allow me to sleep at night.

  3. Closed my facebook account 2 months ago. I also would have been kicked off. My father was kicked off for literally nothing.

    Good for JD Hall.

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