University Group says ‘BLT Sandwich’ painted on Campus Rock is a ‘Threat’ to Native Americans

A university Student Union is screaming and crying (probably literally) about a message written on a “free speech rock” at a campus that they say is threatening the lives of Native Americans. The existentially evil, offending phrase? “BLT Sandwich.”

In yet another show that the minds of mush on college campuses are going the be the insecure, tyrannical overlords of tomorrow, Northwestern University has a large rock on campus that students can paint and write things on at their discretion and without permission. It was recently painted orange with a face like a pumpkin, then someone put a pilgrims hat on it for Thanksgiving.

Enter the triggered.

With indignant outrage, Native American students doused it with red paint and wrote slogans and political messages around it, like “Black Lives Matter,” “Land Back,” “Natives Only,” and “Native Land.”

This prompted another participant to erase the previous messages and write phrases like jokey phrases, “BLT Sandwich,” “Olives only,” and “Nativity.”

Triggered x10…

Describing this as an example of “indigenous erasure” and violence towards the students, the Northwestern Graduate Workers wrote in a statement:

These messages pose a threat to Native graduate workers, students, faculty, and staff at Northwestern and are thus intolerable to us as an antiracist and feminist labor union that supports Indigenous sovereignty and resurgence, including the central demand of ‘land back.’


Our community was offered an opportunity to reflect on the history of colonization and the ongoing Indigenous resistance and instead chose to continue our country’s and our University’s history of erasure. For this to occur on the National Day of Mourning [Thanksgiving] and during Native American Heritage Month is heartless and goes to show that Northwestern has yet to confront ongoing white supremacist and settler colonial beliefs within its own community, beliefs that are inherently violent and premised on the genocide and elimination of Native people.

You can see the original document here.

These wokescold children are our future politicians and big tech social media managers, and they are graduating hard and fast all the time and being unleashed (an apropos expression) on the world.

Combat it however you can, and support those who can when you can’t.

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