Post Election Survey: 97% of Conservative Christians Voted for President Trump

A post-election survey released by Pollster George Barna, Director of Research at the Cultural Research Center, shows that 97% of SAGE Cons turned out to voted for President Trump to have a second term, demolishing the vaguer and more “evangelical” segment of the population who only voted for Trump at a 78% rate.

SAGE cons is a term invented by Barna to mean Spiritually Active Governance Engaged Conservative Christians and represents about 9% of the population.

It was the voting segment that had the highest turnout, beating 94% of Democrats who voted for Joe Biden, 94% of Republicans who voted for Donald Trump 90% of black women who voted for Joe Biden, and 80% of
“Liberals” who voted Democrat. Barna writes:

SAGE Cons represent 9% of the adult population but their extreme level of turnout enabled them to constitute slightly more than 14 percent of the voting population. In raw numbers, there were approximately 23 million SAGE Con votes cast. With 97% of those going to Donald Trump, the SAGE Con bloc provided the president with a net margin of more than 21 million votes.

As far as why they voted for him, Barna states it comes down to worldview, with SAGE Cons believing that the Republican platform and Trump’s policies more closely aligned with the scriptures, citing abortion views, court nominations and appointments, the economy, support for religious freedom, rule of law, and obeying the U.S. Constitution as top issues of influence.

Nobody is going to confuse Donald Trump with Jesus Christ, but SAGE Cons believe that the Trump portfolio of policy positions much better reflects the biblical worldview that SAGE Cons seek to implement in all walks of life than do those of Mr. Biden. With the American population moving away from the Bible as a source of truth and moral guidance, SAGE Cons have been pleasantly surprised at how the Trump agenda has coincided with many biblical principles on social and economic matters.

2 thoughts on “Post Election Survey: 97% of Conservative Christians Voted for President Trump

  1. I would love to know what it is about Biden‘s history of demeaning comments to and about the black community, including about Barack Obama, (when he first ran for president) that attracts such an overwhelming majority of black women.

    This, plus the Democrats long history of racism, partnership with the KKK, responsibility for the Jim Crow laws and hostility toward civil rights during the 50s and 60s along with so many overtly racist politicians, including Robert Byrd, Woodrow Wilson, George Wallace, LBJ, and many others.

    Once Kamala Harris takes office over the next few years, she could be the first of many “women of color” to be President. Don’t be surprised. Her choice of V.P. will tell us a lot. Watch out for Stacey Abrams. They have found a way not to have to get elected in order to gain tremendous power.

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