‘Christian’ Comedian John Crist Admits He’s Not a ‘Real Man’

After Ex-Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz revealed on Instagram that he had cheated on his wife, writing “I was unfaithful in my marriage, the most important relationship in my life and held accountable for that. This failure is on me, and me alone and I take full responsibility for my actions,” many blue checkmark Christian leaders, pastors, and celebrities came to pay their respects and give him encouragement. Beth Moore. TD Jakes. Louie Giglio. Lecrae, etc. We’d list more, but Lentz has since disabled comments on this thread. (We think we know why. We’ll let you know in an upcoming post.)

Within all the outpouring of love and affection, one such person caught our eye.

John Crist, a popular “Christian” entertainer known for his comedy routines and hip ethos, commented on Lentz’s admission of wrongdoing and public confession to the world that he had mightily sinned, writing “Takes a real man to write this. Respect.”

This of course, is incredibly ironic, given Crist’s own apology.

You’ll recall Crist had his life and career come to a grinding halt last year after Charisma News broke the story that many women were alleging he was harassing and manipulating young women, “sexting” multiple partners at the same time, committing adultery and fornication, and bribing women with tickets to his shows in exchange for sexual favors. These actions were corroborated by Charisma with hard evidence.

Crist barely copped to the allegations in the Charisma piece, releasing a statement to the magazine where with a pretty stellar euphemism he acknowledged only that “While I am not guilty of everything I’ve been accused of, I confess to being guilty of this — I have treated relationships with women far too casually, in some cases even recklessly,” and then disappeared to get healing for sex addiction. He hid out of sight for a while, waiting for the requisite year to pass so that he could emerge back into the limelight to declare that he was now restored and ready to return to evangelicalism’s good graces.

By his own standard, if the standard for being a “real man” is repentance of sin and actual confession of wrongdoing, it’s pretty clear that we ought to view Crist not as a “real man”, but as an emasculated boy-child with the testosterone levels of a female squid.


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5 thoughts on “‘Christian’ Comedian John Crist Admits He’s Not a ‘Real Man’

  1. It always amazes me when you see the wife of these guys and she turns out to be really attractive. What on earth are you thinking? I’m not saying that if she were ugly it would be understandable. It’s not right either way, but you’re married to a pretty woman, why do you need to go after others? This is why pastors should not be celebrities. Power corrupts.

    1. Lentz didn’t specify in his statement that his infidelity was with a woman. Could it have been Bieber? Ted Haggard? Jack Hill-Perry?

  2. Why you ask? Because lust left unfettered knows no limits. It is like a cistern with holes that you continually try to fill but never can no matter how hard you try. All men know this especially if they dabbled in porn. One image is the most beautiful until you turn the page (or click) and then the next is amazing, and the next is hotter, and the next. You seek and are never satisfied and the expectation of one yet to come is always better than what you left behind. Same with those in real life; this one turns your head and you are like, “wow, she is amazing”, until you see her girl friend. Being married to an attractive and in this case well endowed wife does not change this because familiarity can easily breed contempt and boredom if you live off dopamine highs. Of course I am not surmising what Lentz did or how he viewed his wife, etc., I’m just speaking in generalities.

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